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Radisson Blu Sobieski Hotel, Warsaw

Teatr Wielki

The Grand Theatre in Warsaw, known locally as Teatr Wielki, is both the National Theatre and home to Polish National Opera Company. This magnificent building is found on Theatre Square in Warsaw city centre. The square itself dates back to the 19th century. The opera house began its life in 1832 and has long been the heart of Polish cultural events. As with many buildings in Warsaw, Teatr Wielki suffered during World War II and was destroyed. It was shut for over 20 years before it was rebuilt and opened once again in 1965. At the time it was the world’s largest theatre. The neoclassical façade and the mere size of the building makes it the most outstanding buildings in Warsaw.

Warsaw Opera 
The Polish National Opera has a tradition lasting over 200 years and is the highlight of the Warsaw Opera scene. Housed in the city’s Grand Theatre, Warsaw Opera scene has enjoyed many of the greatest Polish composers come through its doors, as well as many international musicians. The main stage can seat over 1800 guests with a smaller stage for up to 248 theatre goers.

Theatre Museum 
The former ballroom of the Opera House in Warsaw houses the Theatre Museum, a must for lovers of culture, theatre or the arts. The exhibition was moved from Warsaw City Hall to Teatr Wielki after it was rebuilt in 1965. Since then it has expanded extensively from 2000 pieces to over 200,000. The displays are an attribute to the importance of Polish theatre and include works from performers, artists, scholars and many others involved in the great history of theatre life.

Stay near the Grand Theatre, Warsaw
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