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Radisson Blu Sobieski Hotel, Warsaw

University of Warsaw

Established in 1816, the University of Warsaw ranks among Poland's top academic institutions and counts composer Frédéric Chopin among its alumni.

The university hosts a number of academic summits each year, as well as receiving visits from interested pupils and parents. When visiting the University of Warsaw, choose the Radisson Blu Sobieski Hotel,  for a modern hotel experience located just a short commute from the central campus.

Warsaw University history and events
With the approval of Russian Tsar Alexander I, authorities created the University of Warsaw in 1816. Throughout the 19th century, however, the university remained embattled with the Russian ruling set, resulting in several temporary closures and conversions to Russian-language curricula. When Poland gained independence in 1918, the university began to flourish once again.

Unfortunately, World War II saw the destruction of much of the University of Warsaw, though professors showed their resilience in 1945 by teaching classes in the post-war ruins. Through the latter half of the 20th century, main buildings such as Kazimierz Palace and the Main School saw renovations and renewed use, and the university now has a total of 126 buildings.

Today, the University of Warsaw has more than 5,500 academic staff and 50,000 students, and hosts major regional events regularly. These include the Polish Law and Economics Conference and the Warsaw International Economic Meeting, plus one-off lectures from prominent guests.

Warsaw shopping centres
Immediately visible upon leaving Warsaw Central station, Zlote Tarasy features 200 stores plus a full fitness studio and multiscreen cinema. Inside the shopping centre, you can find everything from everything from high fashion to organic food, courtesy of big names such as Topshop, Aldo, MAC and Swatch.

For Poland's grandest shopping experience, visit Arkadia, the largest shopping centre in Eastern Europe. An ultra-modern complex, Arkadia has more than 200 stores, including H&M and Zara, plus a cinema, fitness centre and medical facilities. In addition, the food court features more than mere shopping mall fare, with a brewery and one of Warsaw's favourite sushi restaurants.

Choose comfortable accommodation for your Warsaw University visit
When visiting the University of Warsaw, be sure to choose a central hotel for quick access to the main campus. The Radisson Blu Sobieski Hotel provides well-appointed rooms and four-star service, and is located just to the west of central Warsaw, making it an ideal choice for university visitors.

What's more, guests can enjoy the convenience of an in-house fitness centre and some of the finest Warsaw restaurants when staying at this elegant hotel.