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Church of Our Savior on Spilled Blood

The Church of Our Savior on Spilled Blood, to use its full name, is a stunning piece of religious architecture nestled on the banks of the Griboedova Canal in St. Petersburg. The church can be found in many English tourist guides under various names, but is commonly shortened to the Church on Spilt Blood. From Nevsky Prospekt it is easy to spot the church, near Kazan Cathedral. Look out for the combination of multi-coloured and gold onion-shaped domes that dominate the roof and you will know when you have found it.

This Russian Orthodox Church was built in 1883-1907. Tsar Alexander II was assassinated here and it is on this actual site that this memorial church was built. Several famous artists were commissioned to decorate the building and as a result the finish was very elaborate and far exceeded the initial budget. When you stand looking at the church you will agree that it was worth the cost. As well as the several coloured domes that sit on the roof, the façade is decorated with many ornate features, carvings and mosaics.

The Church’s Interior
Inside the Church of Spilt Blood, the beautiful artwork continues. As you enter the church your eyes will be drawn to every wall, corner and ceiling. The attention to detail in the mosaics and artworks are incredible. One of the main highlights is the elaborate shrine which was built in honour of the Emperor, on the exact spot in which he was assassinated.

The church underwent extensive renovations which were completed in 1997. This was a pain-staking process as the church has over 7500 square metres of mosaics, thought to be more than any other church in the world. To this day, it is a huge draw for the millions of tourists who visit the historic city of St. Petersburg.

Accommodation near St. Petersburg Attractions
The Church of Our Savior on Spilled Blood is located a short distance from Nevsky Prospekt in the heart of the city centre. Make sure you set aside time in your schedule for a visit. This church and other famous sites are easy to reach with central accommodation at the Radisson Sonya Hotel, St. Petersburg. Combine the comfort of this upscale hotel with the convenience of a central location and make the most out of this enticing city.