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Grand Maket Rossiya

As a city famous for its monuments and history, St. Petersburg’s modern entertainment attractions are often overlooked. One of these is the Grand Maket Rossiya. Translated, the name means something along the lines of “A grand layout of Russia”, which is exactly what it is, only in miniature. It is not a geographic model where cities and landscapes are adjusted to scale – to do that the Grand Maket would have to be the same size as the city of St. Petersburg. However, it shows a little piece of the essence that makes up urban and rural Russia.

Walking through the exhibit almost makes you feel like a giant. Here you will find miniature versions of all the greatest attractions in the country alongside models of railroads, coal mine works, Sochi ski resort, mountains, rivers, houses, trees, animals - pretty much everything you would expect to see in the real world. Some of the buildings even have graffiti on them.

The Details of Grand Maket
What really makes Grand Maket extraordinary is that every detail reflects the amount of work put into creating it. It took four years and over 100 modellers to finalise the exhibit, which spreads across 800 square metres. You will feel rewarded if you take the time to pay attention to the intricate details. You can easily spend a whole day here and you would still be left, wanting to see more.

Whilst other model-cities would settle for some moving vehicles, Grand Maket has not stopped there. Almost every figure moves, whether it is a human painting a building or mining. With the push of a button even small animals become animated.

Visit the Grand Maket
As the largest country in the world, travelling through all of Russia is something many would say is almost impossible. For anyone dreaming of doing so, a visit to Grand Maket will be near to magic. Every aspect of the Russian life is represented through the model landscape and miniature human figures, no taller than a fingernail. The technology behind it will leave even engineers in awe.

With accommodation at Radisson Sonya Hotel. St. Petersburg, Grand Maket is just a metro-ride away. The Chernyshevskaya Metro stop is just a 10 minute walk from the hotel, from which the underground can be taken to the station called Moskowskii Vorota. When travelling with kids, this is an attraction definitely worth visiting, but even as adults, it is truly amazing. If you are looking for a different experience of St. Petersburg than visiting historical attractions, such as the Palace Square, visit Grand Maket. It is an experience you will not regret.