Radisson Sonya Hotel, St. Petersburg

Palace Square

Connecting the Hermitage and Nevsky Prospekt, you find the Palace Square. If you ever visit St. Petersburg, this is one of the must-see places. This wide space is surrounded by beautiful and contrasting buildings. The Winter Palace, from which the square is named after, is probably the one best known. Adjacent buildings to the palace have been designed in the neoclassical style but still match the palace perfectly in regards of scale and monumentality.

The Victory Monument
Another interesting building is the one found on the southern side of the square, the General Staff Building. It is shaped like a triumphal arch with a roman style chariot pulled by horses on top. The thought behind it, when it was first designed, was also to portray triumph: Russian victory over Napoleon. This was also the thought behind the Alexander Column in the middle of the square, making the whole open space probably one of the biggest victory monuments you will ever see.

The Winter Palace
The oldest building by the square is the Winter Palace. This impressive building was once the main residence of the Russian Tsars and is today one of St. Petersburg’s most popular attractions. Green and white walls decorated with gold, makes this Baroque architectural piece a true wonder. Inside it is even more stunning, with a white marble staircase, ornaments adorned in leaf gold, polished grey stone pillars, the crimson red study and much more. The only way to understand its magnificence is to see it for yourself, which is possible, as the Winter Palace is a part of the Hermitage Museum.

Getting to the Palace Square
Having witnessed several historic events, the Palace Square is one of Russia’s most historic landmarks. It was here Bloody Sunday took place in 1905, said to have been one of the key events which later lead to the 1917 October Revolution and the end of the Tsar regime.

The Palace Square is less than 2.5 km from Radisson Sonya Hotel St. Petersburg, making it the perfect accommodation for anyone wanting to visit the attraction. On a nice day, walk the scenic route from the hotel along the River Neva, then you can also visit the beautiful Summer Garden on your way.