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Saint Isaac’s Cathedral

Saint Isaac’s Cathedral, known locally as Isaakievskiy Sobor, is the largest of St. Petersburg’s Russian Orthodox Churches. This neoclassical church was commissioned by Tsar Alexander I and was dedicated to the patron saint of Peter the Great, Saint Isaac of Dalmatia. It took an astonishing forty years to build the cathedral, which was finally completed in 1858. Since then the cathedral has been through several changes.

Today Saint Isaac’s Cathedral serves as a museum with very limited religious services taking place. By visiting it you will learn all about its fascinating story and the reasons for the changes it has been through over the years. Once such story is how during WWII the dome was painted grey to avoid any unwanted attention from enemy planes.

The Cathedral’s Dome
The interior walls of the cathedral are decorated with beautiful paintings and the columns, floors and ornate features are made of Russian granite and marble. The dome rises over 100 metres and is adorned with pure gold plates. One of the main highlights of the cathedral is to climb the 300 steps onto the observation platform, which leads to a pathway around the gilded cupola. From this special spot in the city you can enjoy incredible views of St. Petersburg that will take your breath away.

The golden gilded cupola can be seen reflecting the sun from far and wide across the city, thus, making it easy to locate the cathedral wherever you are. If you enjoy walking, take a stroll across the city from the Radisson Sonya Hotel, St. Petersburg, to Saint Isaac’s Cathedral. Otherwise it is easily reached by public transport. Return to the comfort of your city centre St. Petersburg hotel after a day of sightseeing in Russia’s second largest city.