Sailing in Malta

For more adventurous travellers to Malta, the warm, clear seas make it perfect for sailing enthusiasts. The harbours in Malta are filled with colourful boats all through the year, and chartering one couldn’t be easier.

Guests looking to go sailing can have everything organised for them by their hotel in Malta. At the Radisson Blu Resort, Malta St. Julian's, knowledgeable instructors are on hand to cater to any request, and can organise chartered sailing trips on luxurious yachts and cabin cruisers as well as suggest places to see.

Discover Malta by sailing
Sailing is one of the best ways to explore Malta, and there’s nothing better than the feel of the cool breeze on a warm day as the boats whizz along the Mediterranean Sea. The sights to take in are endless: there is the Blue Lagoon, the Crystal Lagoon or the rocky Dwejer Lagoon. The coastline — full off secluded beaches, caves and bays — makes sailing in Malta thoroughly enjoyable.

Stop for lunch or a dip in the sea at any time, or just sit out on the deck and soak up the sun.

Malta has some of the warmest seas in Europe, and visitors are always taken back by its striking azure blue colour. As well as sailing, visitors can make the most of being surrounded by sea by going scuba diving in Malta. Or for the adventurous tourist challenging water sports like jet skiing or jumping on a speedboat are available for a thrilling ride.

The Radisson Blu Resort, Malta St. Julian's
Nestled at St. Georges Bay in St. Julian’s is the Radisson Blu Resort, Malta St. Julian's. With ultra-comfortable rooms and deluxe suites as well as restaurants, bars, swimming pools and a spa, it’s a sumptuous hotel that guests will love returning to after a day exploring the seas.