Malta’s Three Cities

Referred to collectively as Malta’s Three Cities, Cospicua, Vittoriosa, and Senglea have historically acted as fortresses pointing towards Malta’s capital: Valletta. For centuries, these Three Cities have provided Malta’s residents with a livelihood and protected its main prize: the Grand Harbour.

It’s easy to spend endless hours enjoying Malta’s exquisite beaches and sea, but the Three Cities are a fascinating diversion worth seeing.

Malta is a compact island, so anyone staying in St. Julian’s can easily set off to the Three Cities on the other side of the island, via public transport or a taxi.

Cospicua, Vittoriosa, and Senglea
Cospica (also known as Bormla), is the largest of the Three Cities with a lively market culture. Artworks found at the Collegiate Church of the Immaculate Conception are of particular interest here.

The next stop on a tour of the Three Cities will take visitors to Vittoriosa (or Birgu). The strategically placed Fort St Angelo at the tip of the city made Vittorisa a historically important city. Along with Senglea and Cospica, the Three Cities have earned the title of ‘the cradle of Maltese history’.

Over at Senglea, the splendid views from the Safe Haven Gardens across to Valletta are worth seeing. Visitors should look out for the eye and ear in the windows of the Il-Gardjola, which used to act as a look-out post to guard the harbour.

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