Radisson Blu Resort, Malta St. Julian’s

Marion Mizzi Wellbeing Spa

The Marion Mizzi Wellbeing Spa at the Radisson Blu Resort, St. Julian's was born out of a sincere understanding and passion for wellness. The spa focuses on physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Marion Mizzi and the staff are committed to delivering all aspects of wellness with integrity and honesty, providing inspiration for lifestyle change, in an environment that delights all the senses. Our spa is a haven for contemplation and discovery, where we bring the wisdom from the East and West so people from all over the world may appreciate the richness and wellbeing inherent in the traditions of other cultures.

We offer an extensive range of treatments that cater the needs of both men and women. Whether you are looking for pure relaxation, treatments for aches and pains or possibly professional advice for healthier skin, you are in safe hands with our highly trained therapists.