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Located in the heart of Vienna, the Hofburg is one of the city's most striking historical attractions. Once a residence of the renowned Habsburg dynasty, the Hofburg ranks among Europe's most spectacular royal buildings and is a popular conference venue today.

Hofburg Congress Center
As the grand imperial winter residence for the Habsburg family, the Hofburg Conference Center has the distinction of being Europe's first address. The Hofburg covers 182,000 square feet and includes 35 rooms that can cater for events for 50 to 4,900 people. The center piece of the Hofburg is the striking imperial state rooms, which are equipped with state-of-the-art conference amenities. The entire Hofburg complex contains a wealth of significant historical attractions, including St. Augustine's Church, the Hofburg Imperial Apartments, the Natural History Museum, the Austrian National Library and the Spanish Riding School. The Offices of the Austrian Federal President are also located within the Hofburg's grounds.

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Spanish Riding School
Vienna's Spanish Riding School holds an important place in Austrian cultural history. Located in the Hofburg complex, the riding school is a popular attraction with residents and visitors in Vienna.

History of the Spanish Riding School
The Spanish Riding School is the oldest riding school in the world and has hosted the High School of Classical Horsemanship for over 460 years. It is most famous for its Lipizzaner stallions - a cross between Spanish, Arabian and Berber horses - which bring horse enthusiasts to the Spanish Riding School from across the world.

The Spanish Riding School's public performances take place in the Hofburg Winter Riding School, which was opened in 1735 at the request of Habsburg Emperor Charles VI. The performances play to international audiences in Vienna, and the school's leading horses and riders have toured the world.
Today, the Spanish Riding School is dedicated to the traditional breeding of Lipizzaners and the rearing of prime stallions, as well as preserving the High School of Classical Horsemanship.

Imperial Treasury
The Imperial Treasury “Schatzkammer”, holds some of the world's most valuable treasures. Located in the Hofburg complex in the heart of Vienna, it draws visitors from all over Europe and beyond.

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Sisi Museum
Visit the historically authentic apartments of Emperor Franz Joseph and Elisabeth, and admire the magnificent porcelain, glass and silverware used at the Hapsburg dining table. You can explore the many different facets of the royal family’s fascinating lives.

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