Making business travels easier

With Radisson Blu, your travel experience is guaranteed to be smooth and stress-free. 

Whether you’re the founder of a tech start-up, an AI enthusiast or the director of a family business, we know that the essential preferences of the modern traveler have evolved: Today’s traveler is increasingly preoccupied with how to integrate work travel with their lifestyle, creating an individual work-life balance. 

If you’ve caught a morning flight, take advantage of our early check-in offer or indulge in an energizing Super Breakfast, a complimentary treat for Business Class Room guests. Those who have time to spare before their meeting appointment in the city, can jump into our onsite pool for a morning swim. 

If you need information regarding a meeting room or exhibition hall, download Radisson Blu One Touch App or visit our front desk. Our hospitable staff is always available, ready to answer any question you might have about WIFI, business centers, city landmarks or directions.

Whether you’re planning to spend the day at a summit nearby or at a conference onsite, there’s a plethora of pleasures to look forward to. 

Once the sun sets, our lobby bar becomes a vibrant space for socializing. While some make use of the calm corners to finish a few outstanding projects, others debate whether to explore nearby cultural sights or favor a dining experience, conveniently located onsite. 
At Radisson Blu you can enjoy a memorable travel experience, where the services are tailored to your individual taste.