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Vasa Museum

See the world’s only preserved seventeenth-century ship at the Vasa Museum, Stockholm. This stunningly ornate ship was reclaimed from the ocean floor after 333 years under water. The Vasa sank on its maiden voyage in 1628 and was painstakingly salvaged in 1961. Since its restoration to dry land the Vasa has been lovingly repaired and preserved.

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A Maritime Marvel
The Vasa took almost two years to complete with hundreds of carpenters, sawyers, sail makers, painters and many other craftsmen working on her. The ship was commissioned by King Gustav II Adolf who took great pride in his splendid new ship made from more than a thousand oak trees and holding 64 cannon. With masts reaching over 50 meters into the sky and hulls festooned with hundreds of painted and gilded sculptures the Vasa was a thing of great beauty and power.

The Vasa was fully stocked with provisions, clothing and personal mementos when she readied to set sail on her maiden voyage. Now these artefacts and historical records bring this astounding object to life. The Vasa Museum has over 9 separate exhibitions detailing her sinking, the lives and motivations of those who designed and built her and her place in history.

Accommodation near the Vasa Museum Stockholm
History lovers will enjoy spending time at the Vasa Museum but the fun doesn’t end there for visitors to Sweden’s capital city. There are numerous historical buildings, art galleries and places of interest throughout the city including the Fotogafiska and Storkyrkan Cathedral.

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