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¡Toulouse promete horas y horas de placer! Con una estupenda ubicación en el sur de Francia, esta antigua ciudad es conocida por su arquitectura única de ladrillo rosa. A tan solo 5 minutos del aeropuerto de Toulouse y a 10 minutos del centro de la ciudad, el vanguardista Hotel Radisson Blu Toulouse Airport es el punto de partida ideal para visitar todos los rincones de la ciudad, incluyendo el Canal du Midi, Patrimonio Mundial de la UNESCO o la Basílica de Saint Sernin.

A hotel designed for a dream stay
The Radisson Blu Toulouse Airport is an invitation to luxury and relaxation, with rooms and suites tastefully decorated by interior decorator Alain Marcot. Only a minute from the airport, it’s perfect for visitors travelling to and from Toulouse by plane. You can also reach the majority of Toulouse’s attractions in just 15 minutes. To relax after outings to the city centre, you can take advantage of the hotel’s fitness centre, sauna and hammam. You can also sample local specialities in the restaurant, La Vie en Rose.
Rich Toulouse heritage
During your stay in the Rose City, take the chance to discover the many places of interest. Amongst the unmissable buildings, you can pick out the Saint-Sernin Basilica, a gem or Romanesque architecture, the stunning Church of Jacobins and its cloisters, or the Augustins Museum, a must-see Fine Arts museum right in the city centre. The iconic location of Place du Capitole is the beating heart of the city: surrounded by beautiful facades, it is very lively due to its numerous restaurants, bars and boutiques. Finally, the City of Space and the Airbus Workshops are fascinating sites for children and adults alike for learning more about aeronautics.
Getting to Toulouse
The Toulouse-Blagnac Airport, right next to the Radisson Blu Hotel, connects the city to all the French and major European cities such as Rome, Brussels, Madrid and Berlin. The SNCF Toulouse-Matabiau station allows rail travel to Lyon in 4 hours and to Paris-Montparnasse in 5 ½ hours. Within the city, you can get around conveniently by public transport: bus, tram and two metro lines. The Rose City has a very mild and sunny climate in the autumn and winter, and a warm and sunny spring and summer. Make the most of a pleasant trip all year round.
An ancient history
Inhabited since the prehistoric times, the city was founded during the Roman era. The county of Toulouse was formed in the 18th century, showing that the town was already a prosperous settlement. However, the establishment of the Cathar movement, which rejected the authority of the Catholic Church, gave the city several difficulties. The end of the Middle Age was chaotic. During the following centuries, religious wars and the plague continued to weaken it significantly. It was only really in the 20th century that Toulouse found its place and took off, thanks especially to the developments in aeronautic and aerospace industries.

La Place du Capitole
La Place du Capitole is the heart of Toulouse, passionate and lively, full of restaurants, café terraces, shops and street entertainment. Come here during the day or the evening to discover the different aspects of Toulouse life. You should also explore the little alleyways off the Place du Capitole; they are full of tiny boutiques and interesting facades. The city has a large number of mansions dating from the Renaissance to enjoy, such as the Assézat mansion, Bernuy mansion and its octagonal tower, and Pierre mansion.
The Saint-Sernin Basilica
An iconic monument of the city, the Saint-Sernin Basilica is one of the largest Romanesque churches remaining in Europe. It was built between the 11th and 12th century to shelter the relics of St. Saturnin, first bishop of Toulouse who died a martyr in the 3rd century. An important place of pilgrimage in the Middle Ages, it stands out because of its magnificent octagonal bell tower, crypts and relics, as well as its awe-inspiring size. You can get here from La Place du Capitole by following the rue du Taur.
The Monastery Complex of the Jacobins
Made up of the Church of the Jacobins, a cloister, a refectory and the Saint-Antonin Chapel, the Monastery Complex of the Jacobins is a must-see Toulouse site. This building, constructed in the 13th and 14th centuries and a prime example of Languedoc-Gothic Art, is made entirely of bricks. Its stunning spacious interiors are a feast for the eyes, as well as its vast colonnades: its ‘palm’ interior, over 28 metres tall, is a masterpiece unique in the world. Complete your visit in a serene atmosphere with a trip to the cloister.
The City of Space
The City of Space, an aeronautical and aerospace theme park, has become a favourite attraction for adults and children alike. Here you’ll discover many full-scale replicas, most notably of the rocket Ariane 5, as well as many interactive exhibits such as a control room for the launch of a satellite and even a quiz on extra-terrestrial life, experiences that give you a better understanding of astronomic themes. A planetarium and a cinema complete the City of Space for an enriching and fun day out for all ages.

Food and Drink
A city where the wining and dining is fantastic, Toulouse is brimming with restaurants and bars offering local and international specialities that celebrate the city’s multicultural nature. The place du Capitole and the rue Léon Gambetta in the city centre are full of pubs offering French and Southwest-French cuisine. Here you can try cassoulet, Toulouse sausage, duck confit, or Toulouse ratatouille. Around the Jean Jaurès metro station, there are many restaurants offering all sorts of Asian, Middle Eastern, and Southwest dishes, all in a warm atmosphere. The Esquirol district is also famous for its numerous establishments serving regional specialties.
The main events
Toulouse is a place where artistic creation is rife. A variety of shows will enchant you all year round: ballet and opera at the Capitole, classic and contemporary works at the Cité TNT, the Digue or the Garonne Theatre. The city has seen the birth of many street theatre companies, which regularly produce shows in and outside the walls. The Zénith is one of the largest concert halls in France and hosts large-scale concerts and shows all year round. Amongst the numerous festivals that light up the city, highlights are Rio Loco, which presents world music, and Les Siestes électroniques, dedicated to electronic music, and Grand Fénétra, showcasing traditional dance and music, and the Spanish cinema festival, Toulouse Cinespana.
A lively nightlife
Young and dynamic, wholeheartedly festive and friendly, Toulouse shows a whole new character when night falls. Amongst the local specialities to try, sample the fine wines of the Southwest, as well as the liqueur of violets, the city’s emblem. You will find a range of bars in the centre, from Irish pubs to sport bars, wine bars to taverns, all steeped in a local atmosphere. The main places for a night out are located in the city centre, as well as in the Capitole and Saint-Étienne districts, and around the Jean Jaurès station.

The largest fortified city in Europe, Carcassonne is made up of three kilometres of ramparts and over 50 fortified towers. It is just over an hour’s journey by car or train. This characterful city makes an ideal excursion where you travel through time and submerge yourself in the medieval atmosphere. Its picturesque alleyways, little artisanal shops, and restaurants serving local specialities, all join to create a rich heritage with the imposing Narbonnaise Port, the 12th century Comptal Castle, and the Saint-Nazaire Basilica, where you can admire stained glass windows dating back to the 13th and 14th centuries. An unmissable trip with lots of street entertainment in the summer.
During your hotel stay in Toulouse, make the most of your visit with an outing to Albi, located an hour to the northeast. In the heart of the town stands a magnificent fortified cathedral, Saint-Cécile. This building, impressive for its vast architecture and its rich decoration, is a prime example of the Gothic-Meridion style. Albi is also a charming town where cobbled paths, terraced restaurants and quaint old houses all entice you to explore. You should also visit the Toulouse-Lautrec Museum, in the heart of the Berbie Palace.
The Midi Canal Green Road
For nature enthusiasts, sport fans or families looking for a pleasant walk nearby, the Midi Canal Green Road is simply tailor-made. Leaving from Toulouse, this ancient towpath along the Midi Canal heading south to the Naurouze watershed, makes for nearly 50 km of walking paradise. To the north, you can head to the Garonne Canal. In total, the green road stretches almost 500 km, and links the Mediterranean and Atlantic oceans. An outing to be made on foot or bicycle to guarantee a relaxing time.
45 minutes by car from Toulouse, Montauban lets you discover the Tarn-et-Garonne. To start your discovery of the town, head to the Place Nationale, with its brick facades and pretty archways. Then explore the Saint-Jacques Church and its octagonal bell tower, which will definitely remind you of the Toulouse style, then cross over the 16th century Pont Vieux. The city also makes for an interesting outing thanks to the Bishop’s Palace which houses the Ingres Museum, displaying remarkable collections celebrating two painters born in Montauban: Jean-Auguster-Dominique Ingres and Antoine Bourdelle.