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Déjese seducir por el pintoresco Stavanger Moscú

Impresionantes playas, majestuosas montañas y hermosos fiordos, ¡Stavanger le dejará sin palabras! Elija entre dos hoteles de lujo situados en el centro de la ciudad próximos a los principales lugares de interés turístico, tiendas, vida nocturna y transporte público. El Hotel Radisson Blu Atlantic está muy bien situado junto al lago Breiavannet, mientras que el Hotel Radisson Blu Royan cuenta con un exclusivo centro recreativo para relajarse después de un largo día de turismo.

Stavanger is the Western Norwegian port to the North Sea, the country's third largest city and its most densely populated municipality. Today Stavanger is considered a centre for Norway's oil industry and one of Europe's energy capitals, often referred to as the "oil capital". The biggest company in Scandinavia, Statoil, has its head office in Forus, Stavanger, alongside several other international oil and gas companies. Consequently the city is considered to be particularly international, with 21.1 % of its population being immigrant. Every other year the Stavanger Offshore Northern Seas (ONS) is organised here, which is the world's second largest exhibition and conference in the energy sector.

The city is known for being one of the country's leading culinary clusters. The Gladmat Festival is held annually in Stavanger and is deemed to be one of Scandinavia's biggest food festivals. Just as Stavanger has made its mark in the oil industry, so the city has taken the culinary world under its wings. The city is home to the Gastronomisk Institutt where the art of cooking is taken to new heights. The school has fostered some of the best and most famous chefs in Norway, some of whom have made their mark both in the Bocuse d'Or, the world championships in culinary arts, and in the Norwegian culinary team.

At the heart of Stavanger lie the Radisson Blu Atlantic Hotel and the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel. Radisson Blu Atlantic has an incredible view of Breiavatnet and Radisson Blu Royal Hotel is just a few hundred metres away.

The city is also home to the Norwegian Oil Musuem, the Rogaland Theatre, the Stavanger concert hall and the Gastronomisk Institutt. The city is also known for being one of the country's leading culinary clusters.

In 2008 Stavanger was named, the European City of Culture and the city also hosts the Spelleman Awards.

Stavanger is a superb place for shopping. Modern shopping malls, chain stores and fashionable boutiques can be found all over Stavanger and should satisfy the needs of the keenest shoppers. Guests at the Radisson Blu hotels are just a few minutes' walk from a day of great shopping.

Come and explore the city's charming cobbled pedestrian malls, filled with a broad selection of shops, from bookshops to designer clothes and shoe stores to gift and food shops. Restaurants, bars and cafés are also plentiful. Stavanger has it all!

The city centre is wonderfully compact and easy and interesting to navigate, even if you just want to window shop or look at all the buildings. The area is almost circular, with the town square and modern culture house (library, cinema and children's museum) in the middle. Scattered around the city centre are the small, cosy shopping malls of Magasinblaa and Arkaden Torgterrasse.

Just as the third largest city in Norway should be, Stavanger is full of all kinds of shops, from large chain stores to small boutiques. In central Stavanger are the shopping malls of Magasinblaa and Arkaden, as well as fashion stores such as Noa Noa, Høyer and Ting. For boutique fashion, look for local shops such as Cinnamon and Karma. Syvende Himmel on Øvre Holmegate has all you could wish for in vintage and retro fashion. Stavanger also has a selection of specialist boutiques to explore. Fair Play is an environment friendly shop that only sells ethically produced products, and Harry Camping sells all manner of things from children's clothes to jewellery and accessories.

The product selection in the shops varies from known international brands to local manufacturers that you won't find elsewhere. You can find outlets such as Oleana, with exciting wool products, and Stavanger Glassblåseri and Mingar WalkerGlass with hand-made glass art. Verktøy AS is a specialist shop for woodcarving, wood turning and other wood craft.

Explore Stavanger's busy and colourful markets, which are well worth a visit. Bonden's market next to the cathedral has numerous stalls selling fruit, flowers and vegetables. The fish market at the end of the harbour always has an excellent selection of fish and seafood, both local and imported. There is a monthly market in the centre, at Skagenkaien by Fisketorget in Vågen. Here you can buy everything from food to arts and crafts. So why not purchase a punnet of strawberries to eat on the cathedral steps by the statue of the elegantly dressed Alexander L. Kielland. Or a bag of black prawns and sit on the side of the marina watching the little boats come and go!

At some point shoppers will of course have to take it a bit easier. When guests return to the hotel, which is just a short walk from the main shopping streets, with their bags laden, they come to a place where they can rest and recuperate with great food and stylish accommodation and they can also choose from a range of bars and restaurants. Radisson Blu Atlantic Hotel's own restaurant Antique or Radisson Blu Royal Hotel's EatRoyal restaurant are perfect places to relax after a hard day, and where you can enjoy a superb à la carte menu in stunning surroundings.

The Stavanger area is teeming with exciting attractions. Preikestolen, Lysefjorden, Kjerag and the long open Jæer beaches are warmly recommended. These iconic places will give you a first-class experience of nature. Cultural attractions such as the Oil Museum and wooden houses in Old Stavanger are also worth a visit.

Old Stavanger, also known as Straen, is the biggest surviving wooden house village in Northern Europe. It's a beautiful area of small wooden houses and cobbled streets along the western side of the harbour - where the cruise ships dock in the summer. Don't miss Øvre Holmegate, a street where all the wooden houses are painted pink. turquoise and different shades of green. With its painted colours, the street has enjoyed a renaissance and is now a lively place full of exciting shops.

Oil is key to Stavanger and a trip to the Oil Museum tells the story of oil and gas from how they are formed to what they are turned into and used for. The museum also gives you the chance to learn about how petroleum resources have impacted modern Norway.

The Stavanger area offers a long line of natural experiences. Take a trip to Preikestolen, one of Rogaland's most popular tourist attractions. Travelling up to Preikestolen, 604 metres above Lysefjorden, is an experience in itself, the highlight of which is reaching the top and enjoying the spectacular view. This is perhaps one of Norway's best photographic scenes.

The sandy beaches at Jæren are typical of the region's nature. Klepp municipality has the longest beaches in the country, 11 km in total. Beyond the beaches are large areas of sand dunes and unique flora and fauna. The Jær beaches are protected and also form part of a protected plant and bird area. Solastranden was voted one of the world's most beautiful beaches by the Sunday Times! It is a popular bathing area, and an excellent spot for wind and water sports. The beach together with its sand dunes is a stretch of sand 2.3 km long. Bunkers and the remains of canon from the war can be found at the southern end of the beach.

As well as nature, Stavanger also offers world-class cultural experiences. The city's numerous museums and exhibitions have all that culture vultures could want. The Cannery Museum is a living museum in an old cannery. A visit to the museum will show you the production processes used in sardine canning and the preparation of fish cakes, and you get an insight into how the environment and working conditions in the factories have developed.

Stavanger is a vibrant city with plenty to offer the entire family. The Radisson Blu hotels are perfectly located for exploring Stavanger and the surrounding area.

Stavanger is a gastronomic city and is in many ways Norway's food capital. Cafés in narrow streets and cosy restaurants The Antique restaurant at Radisson Blu Atlantic is the hotel's evening restaurant on the second floor. Order tasty dishes from the á la Carte menu while enjoying the stunning view over Breiavatnet.

On the bridge to the Norwegian Oil Museum you'll find Bølgen & Moi Stavanger - a place with a feel of oil history about it. The stylish premises were designed by Lunde & Løwseth, who were assigned the task after winning a national architecture competition. The museum has a modern and interactive exhibition where you can experience how oil and gas were formed millions of years ago. You can also sit back and enjoy life, with great food and wine in great surroundings.

Alex Sushi Stavanger is the city's version of the Oslo institution. Famous for its unique sushi and atmosphere, this is definitely a restaurant you can't miss if you love sushi and fresh fish.

EatRoyal is next to the lobby in the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel and offers an exciting set 3-course menu as well as à la carte, so that can enjoy a delicious meal in a cosy and relaxing atmosphere. You will see that flavour, combination and colour are important ingredients on every plate here. Before and after your meal, relax in the intimate and comfortable atmosphere of the bar and enjoy a glass of your favourite tipple while chatting to our bar tender.

There is no doubt that Stavanger is a culinary city. Every year, Gladmat, the biggest food festival in the Nordic Region is held here and is a window display for food production, gastronomy and food culture. Gladmat is the leading food festival in both Norway and the Nordic countries and aims to promote public interest in food and food culture. Every year 250,000 people visit the festival over the course of its four days. Gladmat likes to display niche products, ingredients and the latest trends. It also promotes participants representing local quality products with a unique history. Why not take a trip to Stavanger, stay at the Radisson Blu Hotel and enjoy all that Stavanger has to offer.