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Lake Kariba

A feat of modern engineering, the artificial Lake Kariba covers 5,580 square kilometres in southern Zambia. The lake, which formed due to the construction of the Kariba Dam, lies along the the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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Flora and fauna in and around Lake Kariba
Before Lake Kariba filled with water, planners made sure to create an ideal environment for flora and fauna in the lake. This involved burning off the vegetation that fell in the basin area to form the lake's bed. Later, fish were introduced to Lake Kariba from other nearby bodies of water, including Lake Tanganyika.

Today, the animal life also includes hippopotamus and crocodiles. Skirting around the edges of Lake Kariba, adventurers could even catch glimpses of elephant herds and other exotic animals. Another boom for tourists has been produced by the high level of large fish in the lake, promoting sport fishing to visitors.

Along the Zimbabwean fringe of Lake Kariba, the government has set aside the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Estate as a refuge for animals.

Accommodation for wildlife holidays in Lusaka
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