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Hôtels - Kristiansand


Nous lançons un appel à tous les amoureux du grand air ! La jolie ville de Kristiansand est une destination idéale pour un mini-séjour, avec ses paysages merveilleux et l'animation de ses rues. En plein cœur de la ville, près des attractions culturelles, de formidables magasins et de délicieux restaurants de fruits de mer vous trouverez le Radisson Blu Caledonien, un hôtel très exclusif. Le personnel expérimenté vous aidera à préparer des promenades en mer, des excursions de pêche et des randonnées comme vous n'en avez jamais fait !

Kristiansand is the capital of the South, and while this is evident in many aspects of the city, it is also an intimate and cosy place to be. Kristiansand has almost 85,000 inhabitants and offers excellent and varied job opportunities, a rich cultural life and some of the country's most attractive, suburban recreational possibilities. Kristiansand is the epitome of the gentle South. The people are lovely, friendly and helpful and all visitors are given a hearty welcome to their city. Here most things are within walking distance. Book into the Radisson Blu Caledonien Hotel and you will be staying right in the heart of the city.

Kristiansand and the surrounding area is aptly referred to as the festival region. The city is home to all manner of music festivals, short film festivals, children's festivals and puppet theatre festivals. It was recently voted the best cultural city in Norway due to its strategic work in developing such an broad spectrum of cultural activities. The new concert and theatre house, Kilden, opened in 2012 and audiences have since been flocking to its concerts and other performances. Kilden offers all aspects of culture, such as pop, rock and stand-up in addition to theatre, classical music and opera.

Dyrepark is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Norway, with more than 600,000 visitors a year. The park has animals from all over the world, as well as numerous other activities for adults and children.

Kristiansand is a multicultural and open city with as many as 135 nations being represented. The increasing demand for labour has led to a rise in immigration and several major companies both from Norway and abroad have offices here. Outdoor clothing manufacturer Stormberg has its head office here, as does Hennig Olsen Is. The company started in the back room of a kiosk in 1924. Sven Hennig-Olsen had brought recipes and ice cream making equipment back from Chicago. The son led the company from a business in the basement to become one of Scandinavia's leading ice cream manufacturers and Paal Hennig-Olsen, third generation ice cream manufacturer, now heads one of Norway's few surviving privately owned companies in the food industry. The company currently has approx. 250 FTEs.

Kristiansand has plenty to offer and even if the city is predominantly a summer city, there is also plenty to do there in the winter. Winter in Kristiansand has its own charm and may surprise you with activities you didn't expect to find here. Visit Kristiansand and get a nice surprise!

If you stay at the Radisson Blu Caledonian Hotel, you are only a short distance from the city's main street, Markens. Public transport to Sørlandsparken is also just a stone's throw away. Sørlandsparken is around 12 kilometres from the centre and has large shops and shopping malls selling all you could want in fashion, interiors and much, much more.

As well as being an exciting shopping street, Marken is also the main artery of the city. It goes from the lake, across the city and up to the forest. The square in the centre of Markens is full of fruit and veg stalls bulging with fresh fruit and gorgeous fresh vegetables. The surrounding area offers a great selection of small and large shops. At the top of Markens is Slottsquartelet, an exciting fashion store at the end of the pedestrian mall. The centre contains dozens of beautiful shops, including fashion retailer Høyer, Olivia's Hus and HM Home og Herre. This part of town also has an excellent collection of children's clothing stores. The side streets off Markens contain several interesting boutiques. Skippergata is particularly good with its mix of interiors, clothes and shoes, cosy cafés and florists, to name but a few.

Kristiansand's city centre is known as Kvadraturen and in the corner of Kvadraturen is Posebyen. This is Northern Europe's biggest collection of single-storey, wooden terraced houses from the 1700 and 1800s. Every Saturday, local artists and arts and crafts enthusiasts put up their stalls in the streets here at Poseby market. Don't miss the interesting arts and crafts sold here. It's a great place to hunt for treasure, antiques and delicious food. Poseby market is located between Kristian IV's street and Kronsprinsens street.

The Kristiansand region's numerous shopping opportunities attract shopaholics from all over Agder, and indeed the whole country. That's because you will find most things here, from international chain stores to gorgeous niche boutiques. Perhaps you're looking for something in particular? Or just window shopping? Or perhaps it's just the excitement of finding small local shops that awakens the shopaholic in you? Regardless of what you're looking for, you'll probably find it in Kristiansand.

Kristiansand is probably best known for being a summer city, but it offers exciting activities all year round. Radisson Blu Caledonien Hotel in Kristiansand is the biggest hotel in the South. If you stay with us, you'll never be far from the best attractions, such as: Kristiansand Dyrepark, the Kristiansand Canon museum, Kristiansand Cathedral, Bystranda and Gamle Odderøya Kystfort. On top of that, the pedestrian mall is just a few minutes from the hotel entrance.

Dyreparken and Sabeltanns Verden are probably the best known attractions and a must-see on a trip to Kristiansand. Dyreparken is open daily and is a fun and educational place. Here you can see otters, meerkats, lynx and orangutans, lions and giraffes and many, many more. This is where Julius grew up and you can learn all about how the animals live, or join in at feeding time and maybe even stroke a goat or two? In the winter the Nordisk Villmark area is particularly exciting and a perfect experience for all the family.

In Captain Sabertooth's Kingdom you will experience a real Caribbean pirate village with a pirate fort and market square. The pirates hide around every corner, and maybe you will even see Captain Sabertooth himself!

Kardemomme town is a true copy of Torbjørn Egner's original and here dolls Tante Sofie, Kasper, Jesper and Jonatan, Chief of Police Bastian and Tobias will appear when you least expect them. The town also has a working tram identical to the one in the book and Tram Driver Syversen who drives it. You can also send a letter or postcard from here, because Kardemomme town has its own fully functional post office, with post code 4609 Kardemomme by.

Kilden is Kristiansand's latest venue, which accommodates Agder Theatre, the Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra and Opera Sør. With numerous exciting performances all year round, it's the perfect place for a cultural top-up. Enter the world of Prøysen, be seduced by Tosca or take the kids to see Putti Plutti Plott. Kilden has a wealth of experiences waiting for you.

Radisson Blu Caledonien Hotel is perfectly located for exploring all that Kristiansand has to offer. Just a short walk away and beside the Christiansholm fortress is Tresse, a recreational area with a park, play area and basket ball court. In the winter season from December to mid-March, join the skaters and dance across the ice right in the heart of the city, the sea wind in you hair.

At Bystranda in Kristiansand lies Aquarama, a fantastic new waterpark where children can have fun in the water and the adults can enjoy being big kids again. With plenty of pools to choose from, all with different water temperatures, and water slides, islands, rock pools and surf waves, Aquarama is the city's main activity centre.

Kristiansand offers many restaurant options and with Radisson Blu Caledonian Hotel's central location, your favourite choice is never far away. Try our popular à la carte restaurant Brasserie C with exciting dishes and cosy atmosphere. The restaurant offers many tasty dishes at reasonable prices. Everything from tempting international menus to simple snacks. The restaurant also offers the famous Super Breakfast Buffet, served in the Constance.

From the end of November, the hotel's traditional Christmas buffet with dishes full of both hot and cold Christmas fare, is served in the Caledonian Hall. The hotel's band with vocalist Pål Rake, known from summer concerts at Fiskebrygga, provides the entertainment.

Kristiansand has its own brewery, Brygghus and around the Fiskebryggen area restaurants are packed close together making it easy to find your favourite.

One of the best restaurants in the South is located in Fiskebryggen in Kristiansand. The restaurant is on the sunny side of the street and sheltered from the wind, surrounded by pretty piers and cosy wooden houses. Bølgen & Moi Kristiansand serves excellent food with wine that goes perfectly with your dish. At the restaurant, Kjell Nupen, one of the country's best-known artists has provided art for the walls, decor in the kitchen and a spectacular glass painting. Bølgen & Moi serves food al fresco on the quay and a more luxurious meal inside.

Gastropub KICK Malt & Mat in Dronningensgate has a simple philosophy: Genuine handiwork equals authentic flavours. The gastropub concept comes from England and is the term given to a pub specialising in serving quality food. At KICK Malt & Mat you can choose from the day's special, a 3-course gastropub meal and delicious burgers, as well as fish, meat, soups and salads - all at reasonable prices. Every dish that leaves the gastropub's talented kitchen contains the market's best and freshest ingredients. Premium beef is minced daily and grilled dishes such as spare ribs and steak are beautifully prepared at KICKs Josper charcoal grill. Burgers are served in home-baked buns with home-made ketchup. Beer is a staple at KICK Malt & Mat and the pub serves over 20 different types of draft beer. Most of them are British, but you will also find Norwegian and international beers alongside those from microbreweries. Kick has its own stage for concerts and various entertainment, as well as a nightclub.

Now Kristiansand has its own brewery - in the heart of the city. Here beer from its own microbrewery is brewed using the brewery's own recipes. The brewer often fills his kegs with new and exciting beer types. Christianssand Brygghus serves freshly brewed beer by the glass and generous portions of food on your plate. Brygghuset is a place where excellent food and a good beer culture is the focus. The kitchen prepares most of its food on a charcoal grill and the menu is seasonal and based on what local suppliers can offer.

The Kilden cultural venue delivers first-class concert and theatre performances in a building whose architecture is also stunning.