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Hotels in Uppsala


Are you after a real Swedish adventure? Visit the idyllic town of Uppsala with its authentic small-town feel, and explore the shops at Godsmagasinet, local vegetable vendors or the popular Saturday flea market. For a piece of Swedish culture, take a stroll along the scenic Årummet along the Fyris River, or visit the Linnaeus Garden and Museum, situated near the Radisson Blu Hotel Uppsala. Near the hotel you will also find Uppsala Concert and Congress Centre. Uppsala also has easy access to the hustle and bustle of nearby city life in Stockholm.

Uppsala offers the diversity and pulse of a big city yet still the charm of a small one. Experience the bustle of Saluhallen food market and the tranquillity of the Botanical Garden. Enjoy the view from the ultra-modern Uppsala Concert & Congress Hall. Discover the city’s exciting history in the Museum Gustavianum, Uppsala Castle and Old Uppsala. Welcome to the cradle of Sweden. A city characterized by student life around the Nordic Region’s oldest university.

Uppsala is a lovely place with a lot to see. Just a short journey from Stockholm, and even closer to Arlanda and the Radisson Blu Arlandia Hotel. It is a city used to visitors from far and near. Carl Linnaeus – Sweden’s biggest celebrity during the Enlightenment – frequently received international guests when he was a professor here. It is the university that sets the tone of Uppsala. High-spirited students abound with their spontaneous singing and lively academic debates. Similarly exciting meetings and concerts now take place in the Uppsala Concert and Congress Hall, a modern contrast to Uppsala’s historical heritage with its world-class design and acoustics. From the sixth floor, you can enjoy a magnificent view over the entire city. Right next door is the Radisson Blu Hotel Uppsala.

In Uppsala, you can stroll in picturesque natural surroundings and then visit lively shopping streets or experience the city’s impressive sights and cultural treasures. There’s a great deal to see here. If you’re fascinated by history, you can explore Uppsala Cathedral, Scandinavia’s largest church or visit Uppsala Castle, the scene of many historical events. Uppsala has always been an important place in Sweden. Something which not least the Royal Mounds in Old Uppsala are evidence of, with their early-Viking graves.

And if you appreciate greenery and beautiful gardens, you should walk in Linnaeus’s footsteps - in the Linnaeus Garden and the Botanical Garden - or learn more about nature in the interactive museum Biotopia. Are you looking for restaurants or do you feel like going to a concert? Culture in Uppsala has always been incredibly multifaceted and all the exciting personalities who have worked here through the ages have also wanted to eat well. And you can still do so in Sweden’s fourth largest city. A city as peaceful as a small one yet as richly diverse as a large one.

Uppsala is a lively shopping town. Walk around among the charming shops in the cobblestoned district close by the River Fyris and St Eriks torg or along the popular precinct which is home to most of the city’s fashionable galleries and chainstores. You’re never far from a relaxing café or restaurant. And don’t miss all the open-air markets!

Most of Uppsala’s shops are within walking distance. From Stora Torget, you can easily get to the two pedestrian streets, Svartbäcksgatan and Kungsängsgatan, passing a wide array of smaller and larger boutiques. Drottninggatan is another exciting shopping street, with the Carolina Rediviva Library as a landmark. Here you will find the interior design shops Small and Tre Generationer as well as clothes boutiques such as Mira Mar and Bergmans.

And there are several more delightful shops in the cobblestoned district close to St Eriks torg. At Herta, you’ll find creations from Bruuns Bazar and Marc by Marc Jacobs as well as interior design from Nordal and Danish House Doctor. Forumgallerian and Galleria S:t Per have something for all the family. Here you’ll find well-known chainstores, as well as exquisite children’s clothes at Hanazacka, unique interior design at Myrra and classic fashion at Kriss and Janemars. Younger people will find what they’re looking for at New Yorker. Outside the city is Gränby Centrum, Uppsala’s largest shopping centre. Another interesting visit on the outskirts is the Draget fashion gallery, part of the rapidly expanding Boländerna trade park. West of the city, you’ll find the Stenhagen shopping centre with its growing number of food, flower, electronics and clothes shops.

If you’re looking for retro and vintage, you’ve come to the right place. Uppsala has a wide range of antique and second-hand shops dotted all around the city. If you’re looking for a flea-market, there’s normally one every Sunday at Vaksala torg in central Uppsala. Here, professional antique dealers mix with amateur collectors. There’s another flea-market in Fyris Park every Sunday. In the summer months, it moves outdoors and turns into a lively car-boot sale. And don’t miss all the wonderful second-hand bookshops here in the old university city. One of the most famous is Röda Rummet, five minutes’ walk from the Radisson Blu Hotel Uppsala.

Whether your interest is in art, nature or history. There’s a great deal to see in Uppsala despite it only being a small city. Discover Uppsala Cathedral, the oldest Gothic church in the Nordic Region, the castle commissioned by Gustav Vasa, or Prinshuset. Follow in Linnaeus’s footsteps and visit galleries or art museums. And there’s always something exciting going on at the Uppsala Concert & Congress Hall.

Anyone with a thirst for history can’t help but love this city. There’s Scandinavia’s largest ecclesiastical building, Uppsala Cathedral, for example. Construction began around 1270 and several 16th century Swedish kings lie buried here as do scientists such as Olof Rudbeck and Carl Linnaeus. The north tower houses the Treasury Museum, with its collection of medieval textiles, one of the finest in Europe. Uppsala Castle also has a special place in Swedish history. Construction began in the 16th century and the walls have borne witness to several important events. Not least the notorious Sture Murders and Queen Christina’s abdication. It now houses Uppsala Art Museum with its fine collections.

The Royal Mounds, the old burial mounds believed to cover the tombs of the ancient Svea Kings of the 6th century, are to be found in “Old Uppsala”. The fabulous museum there tells the story of Sweden before it became a kingdom. If you enjoy fresh air and beautiful gardens, don’t miss a stroll in the footsteps of botanist Carl Linnaeus in the Linnaeus Garden and the Botanical Garden. His residence is now a museum exhibiting his scientific achievements. The 18th century building contains original furniture, clothes, textiles and porcelain. The interactive museum Biotopia, beautifully set in Vasa Park, will teach you even more about the natural world.

Uppsala was also the home of the artist Bror Hjorths and today his home and studio are a museum. Not least as a result of its proximity to Stockholm, Uppsala is still an active art city, with a large number of galleries. The city’s music scene offers a lot of chamber music and choirs - such as the famous “Orphei Drängar”. The Uppsala Chamber Orchestra give regular performances at the Uppsala Concert & Congress Hall, where there are always performances, exhibitions or visits by artists. A magnificent venue right next door to the Radison Blu Hotel Uppsala.

Food culture in Uppsala is certainly flourishing. The city boasts a vast array of restaurants ranked among the best in Sweden, along with exciting snack-food and good old-fashioned Swedish cuisine. Being an old university city, Uppsala is full of atmospheric pubs, often with live music. The lively Katalin Jazz Club attracts world-class artists every year.

People have always eaten well here, despite students often being hard up. This is why the lunches served in the various student “Nations”, the associations of students from different parts of the country, are still very popular. Swedish favourites at affordable prices. For those looking for something a touch more elegant, several restaurants have received rave reviews in the Swedish and the international press. Aaltos is an Italian rotisserie honouring the memory of Alva Aalto. Located on Sysslomansgatan in a beautiful building designed by the world-famous Finnish architect. Dryck, in the old station house, has an unusual approach: they recommend food to go with your drinks, rather than the other way around.

If you’re looking for a more exotic restaurant, try Jay Fu - a culinary encounter between the United States and Asia. You’ll find this gastronomic adventure high up in Saluhallen, which is also well worth a visit. Enjoy the aromas and flavours of snacks from all over the world. Buy local delicacies or find that special spice from South America you’ve been looking for. Uppsala’s food lovers gather here simply to soak up the atmosphere.

For those looking to have fun, there are of course lots of student pubs in Uppsala. And even true beer connoisseurs can get their fill here. On Stor Torget, the Irish pub O’Connors has a selection of around 1 000 different beers! Or if you prefer to relax with a glass of wine to some live music, there’s always Bistro Hijazz. In the old station house, you can eat well and listen to live music from all over the world. And, of course, no jazz lover should leave Uppsala without visiting Katalin And All That Jazz! This legendary jazz pub is in the renovated warehouse next to Östra Station. Right next to the Uppsala travel centre and the Radisson Blu Hotel. International artists regularly choose to play here, even if they’re only doing one gig in Sweden. And for those who want to party all night, the old dance palace Flustret continues to attract new generations of students. In the student city of Uppsala, the party continues long into the night.