Nearby Attractions

Szczecin city center hotel's nearby attractions include St. James Cathedral

Along with proximity to business destinations, guests also enjoy easy access to numerous historic landmarks. St. James Cathedral, the Maritime Museum and West Pomeranian Castle are all within a kilometer of this Szczecin city center hotel's doorstep. See examples of a wide range of architectural styles, from Gothic and Renaissance to the more modern Art Nouveau, and be sure to make time for a visit to Kino Pionier 1909, the world's oldest working cinema.

Nearby attractions:

  • Chrobry Terrasse (Wały Chrobrego, promenade along the Oder River) - 700 m
  • Muzeum Morskie (Maritime Museum) - 700 m
  • National Museum - 700 m
  • West Pomeranian Castle - 700 m
  • Cathedral of St. James - 1 km
  • Kino Pionier 1909 - 3 km