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Hotele w Wuxi

Wuxi is located on Taihu Lake, one of China’s biggest fresh water courses, 128km west of Shanghai. It is known variously as the ‘Land of Fish and Rice’ for its abundance of natural resources and ‘Little Shanghai’ for its prospering economy.

Wuxi is one of the most ancient regions in China. It has a rich history of over 3,000 years and Wu culture is known for its depth and elegance. The State of Wu has been dated back to the 11th century BC and flourished during the Spring and Autumn Period (771-476 BC).

Before the 19th century, Wuxi was the busiest rice and cloth market in China, capitalising on the nearby Yangtze River and Grand Canal. It retains some of this tradition today as a hub for textiles manufacturing in China.

Wuxi is one of China’s booming economies and is light industry centre. As well as textiles, it also produces apparel, electronics and other consumer products. It also has a substantial heavy industry sector with iron, steel, IT, high tech, and solar energy companies. In 2010 its service sector outperformed its manufacturing sector in investment and rate of increase.

Wuxi is aiming to become China’s first ‘sensor city’ and has plans to demonstrate how sensor networks can report on such issues as environmental conditions, transport and public safety.

When to go:
Autumn (September-November) is the best time to visit Wuxi when you can eat the delicious fish from Taihu Lake and the region’s juicy peaches. Spring (March-June) is also pleasant with cherry blossoms and many festivals.

  • Admire of Taihu Lake from Turtle Head Islet, so named because the islet is shaped like a turtle’s head. From here you can appreciate the beauty of the lake and its surrounds.
  • Visit Three Kingdoms City, the set of an historical CCTV series called The Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The series – and the set – covers the three rival kingdoms of Wei (220-265), Shu (221-263) and Wu (229-280). It has become a major tourist attraction in Wuxi and there are shows and activities to keep you busy all day.
  • Take a boat trip on Taihu Lake that includes a feast of ‘Taihu Lake Three Whites’: white shrimp, whitebait and whitefish.
  • Taihu Lake is famous for its cultured freshwater pearls - buy a necklace, earrings or bracelet as a memento of your time.
  • Relax in the spectacular Li Garden. The Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter pavilions feature paintings of the flowers of each season.
  • Immerse yourself in ancient Wu-Yue culture at the Wu Culture Expo Park, which showcases Wu culture and is also an original wetland. The Hingshan Ruins and the Lianghong wetlands are particularly worth seeing.
  • Admire the Lingshan Grand Buddha, the world’s biggest outdoor bronze Buddha statue.
  • If you in Wuxi during the plum blossom, visit Plum Garden, where you’ll discover the cultural significance of the plum blossom in Wu culture. It’s also extremely pretty!
  • Walk along Dacheng Pedestrian to try authentic Wuxi cuisine and snacks. You can also pick up some souvenirs here.