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Hotele w Świnoujście

Nature and water as far as the eye can see in Świnoujście

Welcome to the land of 44 islands. Located at the northwestern tip of Poland, surrounded by the broad sweep of the Baltic Sea and the Stettin Lagoon, Świnoujście is waiting to welcome you to your vacation. Discover a young-at-heart, old town. A beautiful seaside resort, steeped in history and dating from the days of the emperor. Over 12 miles of sandy beaches and lush natural and river landscapes invite you to relax. Soothing for your soul and eyes. Enjoy a walk by the sea. The light of the setting sun transforms the sky into a rapture of color. How about a marvelous spa weekend or a sporty active vacation in the great outdoors? History lovers can saunter through the history of this special place as they pass military buildings dating back hundreds of years. You will find your perfect relaxing escape at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Świnoujście: your delightful refuge with a unique view over the Baltic Sea. Has this inspired your desire to travel? Then quickly pack your suitcase and set off to Poland!