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Отели в Бодо


Захватывающий дух - единственный способ описать пейзаж Буде! Расположенный на севере Арктического полярного круга и окруженный водой и впечатляющими горами, этот милый город является местом отличных покупок и осмотра достопримечательностей. Удобно расположенная в гавани, роскошная гостиница Radisson Blu открывает потрясающие виды, а ее расположение идеально для исследования Норвежского авиационного центра, ледника Свартисен, старого центра торговли в Кйеррингёй и водоворота Солтштраумен.

Bodø lies 67 degrees north at the same latitude as Alaska. It is Northern Norway's second largest city and is growing rapidly. The city lies with open arms towards the sea out on the Bodø peninsula and is known for being particularly welcoming to new residents. The study environment is superb and it's not hard to be overwhelmed by the Bodø residents' hospitable and healthy disposition for people.

Bodø is known for its spectacular scenery and stark contrasts. From the blinding midnight sun to the magical northern lights in the darkness. From sea safaris along the world's most stunning coastline to the ski paradise in the borderlands. From the urban, pulsating city centre to the calm, country areas. Bodø delivers!

Getting to Bodø is quick and easy. The airport is in the middle of town and there are train, bus, steamer, express boat and ferry services. Bodø is just a short distance from attractions such as Kjerringøy and Saltsraumen, where you will also find the Norwegian Airline museum.

You wouldn't think that Bodø and Oslo had anything in common, but what makes both these cities special is their proximity to nature and the sea. In Bodø, just like the capital, you can combine an urban espresso and shopping experience with salt water rafting and mountain hiking. You can also choose between taking in concerts and exhibitions - or jumping in the kayak or going for a mountain bike ride. The opportunities are endless and the choice is yours.

A lot has happened in Bodø in recent years. City development has been rapid and extensive. The college was recently accredited as a university and a new cultural district has been planned, as have extensions to both the hospital and the harbour. There is a rich cultural life here. With the Nordland Music Festival Week, Parken Festival, Bodø Air and Space Festival, Aspmyra Live, Bodø Hardcore Festival and numerous other cultural events, the city boasts great diversity and attracts many visitors. Bodø is home to Halvdan Sivertsen and Sirkus Eliassen – two counterparts on the Norwegian music scene and the city has nurtured several musicians, writers and artists who have attained national acclaim.

In the heart of Bodø's harbour area is the Radisson Blu Hotel, Bodø with wonderful views out over the Norwegian sea and the surrounding mountains. This modern hotel is the perfect base from which to explore this beautiful city.

At first glance, Bodø can seem like a small city with little to offer in the way of shopping. But looks can be deceiving. You will find a delightful mix of large shopping malls and small boutiques here, selling the best of Norwegian and international design, making Bodø a paradise for shopaholics. The city also offers several places where you can take a trip back in time and find small second-hand gems in clothes, interiors and furniture. The city has always been known as a major fashion town and has attracted customers from far and wide. Exciting clothes, new shoes, tenderloin steak, fresh fish or oil for your motorbike? Bodø has everything you could wish for and new shopping opportunities are constantly developing. With a room at the Radisson Blu hotel in Bodø, you will be staying in the heart of the city and will enjoy the best of Bodø's shopping, from just a short walk away.

Bodø people have always been particularly interested in clothes and shoes. Several smaller shops have emerged recently by national and international designers. The city has also its own famous designer in Synnøve Mo. She is best-known for her dresses with raven prints, so perhaps she is a little inspired by her home town? With large chains and smaller boutiques, it's only lack of imagination that limits the stocking up one's wardrobe.

Go on a treasure hunt along Bodø's kilometre long Storgata, or take a breather on the hill at one of the many cafés. Weather not behaving itself? Want to avoid getting wet? Take a trip to Bodø's shopping mall and explore the shopping opportunities under one roof. Try Glasshuset in the city centre and not far from the Radisson Blu Hotel, or go to City Nord at Stormyra, the largest shopping centre in the area. There are over 70 shops here and you're guaranteed to find something you just can't live without.

The Bodø pensinsula sparkles like a jewel, surrounded by blue sea, emerald green scenery and towering mountains. Let your kayak glide silently through the water and spot the sea eagle hovering like a black silhouette against a sky where the midnight sun burns eternally. Bodø is a place where you can embroil yourself in the most spectacular experiences, or find peace for your soul happily jogging through the natural landscape. Bodø is a city of contrasts, where light and colour change in line with the time of day and the seasons. Become intoxicated by the northern lights dancing over Landegode. Let yourself be captivated by the hiss of your skis along the night runs on a beautiful winter's evening. With Bodø as a base, you can choose from a wide variety of top notch experiences.

Head towards Saltstraumen, a small strait with the world's strongest tidal current. Saltstraumen is a diver's and fisherman's paradise, with its large numbers of cod, pollock, halibut, monkfish and catfish. It is also worth mentioning that the world's largest saithe caught on a rod came from this current. Cod and catfish are common catches for anglers and there are large populations of sea birds that winter and feed on fish here.

With its chalk-white, soft, sandy beaches clustered along the seafront, the Kjerringøy peninsula lies like a pearl on the coast of Nordland. Just a half hour drive outside the city, like Salstraumen, a trip to Kjerringøy makes for a perfect day out when you visit Bodø. Here the sea eagle circles the steep mountains, white beaches and green fields, while time stands still. If you need to recharge your batteries, then Kjerringøy is a must-see destination and with a room at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Bodø is only a short drive back.

A short walk from Radisson Blu is Bodø Culture house, the city's large art and culture centre. This is where you can experience all kinds of music, dance and theatre throughout the year. The Culture House in Bodø also plays an important role as one of the stages in the Nordland Music Festival week, which takes place yearly in the second week of August. As an important part of Bodø's cultural environment, for over 30 years the festival has gathered together music lovers for a week of classical and contemporary music, musical theatre, dance, jazz and pop/rock. The Nordland Music festival week is one of the biggest festivals in Norway and is known for its concerts and untraditional locations on top of Keiservarden, out at Hyjolmen Skandse, on Bodø Torg or Mjelle. Concerts are also held at the city's more traditional concert halls, such as the Culture House in Bodø.

If you like music, you should try the Parken Festival in Bodø. In late summer this festival attracts several thousand people to Rensåsparken. Bodø's art and cultural environment is varied, stylish and never dull.

Town and country. Young and vibrant yet cosy, familiar and homely. Bodø is the perfect combination of large and small. Bodø is enjoying full growth, even outdoors. Choose between cosy cafés and hip outdoor spots. Bodø has a wide selection of cafés and restaurants offering culinary temptations, modern interiors and close contact with sensational natural surroundings.

Whether you're dreaming of a tasty pizza or a five course dinner to celebrate something special, you are sure to find it in Bodø. At Radisson Blu Hotel, Bodø's own Sjøsiden restaurant, you can enjoy a hearty breakfast, delicious lunch and a magnificent dinner. Seafood bisque and pan fried lamb, fresh local cuisine and spectacular harbour views create an unforgettable dining experience. After a sumptuous dinner at Sjøsiden, head to the 13th floor where the Top 13 roof terrace bar welcomes you with an incredible view and a wide selection of drinks. Enjoy an exotic cocktail while you look out over Bodø and the surrounding area.

Restaurant Bjørk is Bodø's largest restaurant, with several rooms, and is centrally located in the Glass House. Here there's a warm and informal atmosphere, perfect for both everyday and special occasions. The menu is broad and varied and, weather permitting, you can enjoy your food and drinks outside. You will have a great view of the cultural quarter and the harbour. Why not try Bjørk's signature dish: grilled stockfish?

The Chonticha Thai Restaurant is at Sjøgata 21 and where only the freshest Thai dishes using the best ingredients are served.

Bodø's new cultural district will open shortly with the Stormen Concert Hall and Stormen Library. Here, a stone's throw from the Radisson Blu Hotel, Bodø, you can enjoy theatre and concerts, stand-up comedy and a number of other exciting cultural events. The library is also worth a visit because this will be the most modern of its kind in Norway.

Out in the realm of the midnight sun, enjoy a 16-year old malt whisky in the fading light, or a bubbly umbrella cocktail followed by great music. Bodø has plenty of pubs, bars and night clubs. Share a bottle of Italian red wine or enjoy a half-litre carafe in peace while reading the paper. Have a BBQ at sunset on the quay, a cocktail at a rooftop bar or dance the night away to live music at Torget. Bodø is the little city BIG on experiences.