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Отели в Хёугесунн


Уйдите от суеты и предоставьте себе расслабляющий отдых в поразительном Хаугезунде! Находясь неподалеку от города викингов Авальдсне и всего в 4 км от Хаугезунда, элегантная гостиница Radisson Blu Hotel предоставляет прекрасную базу для изучения окружающей сельской местности с ее величественными горами, живописными фиордами и широкими песчаными пляжами. У гостиницы регулярно ездят городские автобусы, которые предложат Вам полюбоваться захватывающими видами на море.

Haugesund is the "capital" for 100,000 "Haugalendinger" and is one of Norway's leading commercial cities. The foundations for Haugesund's developing into an important city for herring export, and later as one of Norway's biggest maritime cities, were laid by the affluent herring fisheries located along the Western coast. Haugesund's maritime business continues to be its most prominent and the city is also home to the Norwegian Maritime Directorate.

Haugesund offers a wealth of festivals and cultural events throughout the year. The largest and best-known festivals are Sildajazz and the Norwegian Film Festival, where the Amanda prize is awarded. Hotels, cafés, restaurants and pubs line Indre Kai (Inner Quay). Here you can take a stroll and breathe in the fresh sea air, or stop for a cup of coffee or a tasty meal. The island of Røvær has settlements from the Stone Age and is a popular tourist destination. The trip takes only 25 minutes by ferry from Indre Kai. Vibrandsøy, a local outdoor area, is just a stone's throw from Indre Kai and the ferry to Røvær will stop here upon request.

Not far from Haugesund you can drive to Karmøy, Norway's most densely populated island. Karmøy has many surprises in store, as well as exciting, historical places to visit. To the south you will find Skudeneshavn, a vibrant and genuine fishing village from the 1800s. Here you can see the Empire style and experience the charming cultural landscape. To the north lies Visnes, an old and quaint mining town of major historical and international importance. Avaldsnes is thought to be Norway's oldest royal residence. This was the manor owned by Harald Hårfagre's after the battle of Hafrsfjord. Avaldsnes was strategically placed by the long stretch of water, which led to the name of our country - the way towards the north - "the Northway". Olav's church, which founded in 1250 by Håkon Håkonson, is the most important monument from past glories at Karmøy. Real coastal culture, fresh seaspray, sheltered bays, striking landscapes and exciting history is what Karmøy is today.

The Radisson Blu Hotel Haugesund can be found between Haugesund and Karmøy. It is set in the middle of a beautiful garden, not far from central Haugesund and Karmøy airport.

Haraldsgata shopping street is the longest pedestrian street in Norway. It is lined with shops to tempt both local and visiting shopaholics. You will find exclusive clothing shops, book stores, perfumeries, jewellers, cafés and gift shops. The centre has all of what your heart, head and stomach could ever ask for. It is not streamlined and neither is it warm and dry all year. There are chain stores, shopping centres, boutiques and specialist shops. You will also find a broad selection of restaurants, night clubs, cafés and cultural institutions.

Amanda Storsenter is approx. 4 km south-east of Haugesund city centre and with its more than 70 shops, is the region's largest shopping mall and market leader. Getting there is easy and with 1600 free parking spaces and excellent bus links, there's no excuse not to go! It's the perfect place to shop, especially in bad weather when you don't want to get wet. One of the shops in Haugesund with an interesting history is Bruvik Time. When he was just 15 years old, designer Rune Bruvik was on a family holiday in Geneva. He was given his first Swiss wrist watch and a passion for clocks was born. He dreamt of designing his own clocks and 18 years later his dream became a reality. Bruvik Time was founded in 2009 and now produces quality watches that combine Norwegian nature with clocks.

At Karmøy, you will also find Åkra Seafood. The company is one of the country's leading suppliers of crab products and its offerings are of the highest quality. The fish shop sells almost everything to do with crabs, from filled crab shells and whole cooked crabs to crab meat from different parts of the crab, liver mass and roe. The fish shop also has its own kitchen so you can also sample some of the delicious hot food they serve.

Like so many other places in Norway, Haugesund favours locally sourced food and ingredients. Karmøy Laks with its salmon products and Lundal, which produces cured meats, sausages, bacon and lamb ribs using old traditions and recipes from the area around Åkrafjorden are good examples of this. In Haugesund and the surrounding area, you can buy plenty of excellent and exciting food.

From Radisson Blu, adventure is never far away. The hotel is centrally located, close to both Haugesund city centre and Karmøy. It is the perfect base for exploring Haugaland.

Haugesund Town Hall was a gift from shipowner Knut Knutsen OAS and his wife Elisabeth. The building was designed by architects Gudolf Blakstad and Hermann Munthe-Kaas and was opened in 1931. The Town Hall Square was inaugurated in 1949. The Town Hall is one of the country's best-known buildings and is richly and artistically decorated. It, together with its surrounding area, is historically listed. In "Norway's art history", Leif Østby talks of the Town Hall as part of the classic trend among architects of the 1920s: One of the trend's most significant works is Haugesund Town Hall with its stately and striking corner lot adorned with double pillars." In September 2010, in a survey conducted among the Municipal Reports' readership, Haugesund Town Hall was voted the finest in the country . During the summer season, there are guided tours of the town hall.

The national monument Haraldshaugen was erected in 1872 at the millennium party commemorating Harald Hårfagre's unification of Norway. In the 19th Century it was believed that the burial mound described by Snorre as Harald Hårfagre's grave and national monument had been found here at Gard, 2 km north of Haugesund city centre. The monument was designed by Christian Christie, as a large burial mound surrounded by a granite wall with 29 monoliths, one from each of the old Norwegian counties. At the top of the mound stands a 17 m high granite obelisk, with four bronze panels around its base. Each of the panels reflects important scenes from Harald Hårfagre's life and times.

At Norheim, just north of Avaldsnes, five tall monoliths stand in a star-shaped stone setting. Inside the stone setting was a grave from former Roman times (circa 350 AD). BC). Tradition speaks of the star-shaped stone setting as being part of a religious/magical calendar system. The triangular shape is supposed to be a symbol of the female, while the monoliths represent a phallic symbol. The stone setting is called "The five foolish virgins". Here is the story why: Saint Olav often travelled the country bringing the Christian message to his people. One day, coming from the north, he had to go to the royal court at Avaldsnes. When he arrived at the narrowest point of Karmsundet, he saw five girls on the mainland side, waving at him. But the king did not give in to temptation. Instead he shouted loudly. "Stand there like stones till I return." The virgins immediately turned to stone. They are still standing there today, looking over Karmsundet towards St. Olav's Church on Avaldsnes.

Haugesund has a great selection of cafés, restaurants and bars. There's something to suit every taste and budget here. Naturally many people come here for the excellent produce from the sea, as Haugesund is a city known for its fish and seafood. Be prepared for some exciting culinary experiences.

Radisson Blu Hotel Haugesund will prepare you for the day's activities with its Super Breakfast Buffet. Here you will find a great choice of fruit, hot food, coffee and tea and all you could wish for first thing in the morning. The hotel's own restaurant also serves excellent food, should you prefer a locally-sourced dinner. Here you can enjoy international dishes and local favourites while looking over the beautiful garden.

Lothes Mat & Vinhus is perhaps the city's most central location by Smedasundet, as well as the city's best kitchen. The house the restaurant is located in dates back to 1850. When the house was restored, efforts were made to retain the original style both indoors and out. The result is a house with an authentic atmosphere, filled with charm, great food and drinks - and its very own ghost. In this house Lothes Mat & Vinhus has enjoyed successful gastronomic repute since 1989. They use premium, local ingredients from the "sea out west" (fish and shellfish) and meat from local suppliers.

In the middle of the quay in Haugesund is the restaurant and bar NB Sørensens Dampskibsexpedition. The interior design oozes trade and maritime business - walls and ceilings are covered in historical artefacts. This is a typically informal and social meeting place. The international menus have something to suit most occasions, whether coffee, lunch, snacks, à la carte or party menus.

In the NB Bar you can enjoy a glass of something delicious - there's a great selection of both meals and drinks. The large covered, heated outdoor area with blankets is open all year round.