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Отели в Сербія

Discover the best of everything Serbia has to offer

Untamed natural landscapes and vibrant city life. A country filled with history, adventure and a zest for life: Welcome to Serbia. Enjoy the variety of this very special country in the heart of the Balkan peninsula. Its unrivaled hospitality and openness will capture your heart. Whether you want an action-packed active vacation, indulgent relaxation in beautiful spas or unforgettable trips to immerse yourself in the vibrant mix of cultures. Experience Serbia as a fascinating destination offering a very special kind of vacation. Take a walk to discover the remains of past times and dance your way through the joyful, colorful nightlife that unites all generations in total harmony. You will find your perfect home away from home at the Radisson Blu Old Mill Hotel, Belgrade. Its centuries of charm and its magnificent industrial-chic design harmoniously unite the two souls of Serbia.

Off to Serbia!
Its location in southeastern Europe makes Serbia a country of seasons that can thrill you with special tour highlights whatever time of year you travel. If you have a passion for vacations in the great outdoors, you can dive into a sea of extraordinary outdoor activities and experiences that you will never forget. Anyone seeking rest and recuperation will find their perfect escape in Serbia's many spas and health resorts. Do you love culture? Belgrade is waiting for you with a large number of museums, architectural treasures and a buzzing nightlife. You will receive a warm welcome at the [Asset Included(Id:1295307113251;Type:Page)] in the heart of the capital city. The perfect starting point for your unforgettable vacation in Serbia.

Short Trip through History
Thanks to its location at the heart of the Balkan peninsula, Serbia is a meeting point for many cultures and religious communities. It links Europe with the Middle East. In the past too, the country was always caught between East and West: geographically, politically and culturally.
At one time it was sandwiched between the Byzantine and Roman Empires and then another it was between the Ottoman Empire and Western Christendom. In modern times, it was caught between the Warsaw Pact and NATO countries and it was devastated by the Yugoslavian Civil War. It is precisely this turbulent past that led to a constant migration of a wide variety of peoples and that makes present-day Serbia such a colorful, multi-ethnic and multicultural society. This is why, on your travels through Serbia, you will hear so many moving stories about patriotism, fights for freedom and bravery. Visit the unique, prehistoric monuments, medieval churches and monasteries, which are UNESCO world heritage sites. Travel through time into the turbulent past of this special country.

Country Information, Climate and Location
Serbia, with a population of over seven million, is landlocked and part of Central Europe. Because of its location and climate, the south of the country is also considered part of the Mediterranean region. As a country with no access to the sea, Serbia is characterized by its continental climate and varied landscape of lakes, rivers and mountains, with temperatures ranging from below zero in winter to over 30 degrees in summer. The Danube links it to distant seas, such as the Black Sea. Belgrade, the capital city, is nestled in a picturesque location at the confluence of the Save and Danube and is definitely worth a visit with its many beautiful attractions. The country's borders cover a length of more than 2,000 km and its neighbors include Croatia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. The official language is Serbian and the official alphabet is Cyrillic. Lost in translation? No worries, most signs are also translated into the Latin alphabet.

A Suitcase Full of Dreams
Immerse yourself in the wide, open plains of Northern Serbia. In the gentle rolling hills and wild, romantic mountainous landscapes of the Carpathian Mountains, the Dinaric Alps and the Balkan Mountains in the south of the country. Experience wonderfully beautiful lakes and the scenic course of the Danube. Lush forests, gorges and extensive cave systems. National parks and nature reserves with a wide variety of animal and plant life. Serbia is the place for your perfect outdoor active vacation. And adrenalin junkies have the chance to take part in the thrilling wealth of extreme sports on offer here. Culture vultures can lose themselves in the beauty of historical places of interest and natural landmarks. Archaeological sites from the Neolithic Period, monasteries, religious buildings and fortresses from the Middle Ages. Immerse yourself in the modern hustle and bustle of Belgrade with its museums, galleries, restaurants and bars. Whether you want a summer or winter resort, a cultural vacation or the pure outdoors, Serbia offers you the perfect break throughout the year, whether walking, cycling, riding or snowboarding, it has it all. And our Radisson Blu Old Mill Hotel, Belgrade has modern, stylish hotel rooms waiting for your return. With all the amenities your heart could wish for on vacation.

A Mix of Cultures
For people seeking a relaxing vacation, fans of extreme sports, young backpackers or business travelers. Serbia has become a favorite travel destination, attracting increasing numbers of tourists. And this is for a good reason. In the last few decades, Serbia has developed into a modern and democratic country, which would like to join the European Union. Open and extremely welcoming. This hospitality is deeply engrained in the soul of the Serbian people, as they themselves are extremely multi-cultural and from diverse backgrounds, consisting of around 40 nationalities. Serbians are a wide variety of religions, although the majority of the Serbian people are Christian Orthodox. The independence of the Serbian Orthodox Church goes as far back as the 13th century. In its centuries of history, it created a great number of impressive buildings, churches and monasteries that will delight you.

Celebrate Together – Laugh Together
Enjoy this colorful mix of cultures on your trip. The joyful vitality of Serbia with its numerous cultural, traditional and sporting events. You will encounter their zest for life and love of celebrations whatever time of year you visit. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere and join in the celebrations at the joyful, colorful carnival in Vrnjačka banja, the Trumpet Festival in Guča, the Harvest Festival, the Farmers' Festival or at wine festivals. The list goes on and the enthusiasm, with which all generations join in the celebration, is infectious. In Serbia, not a day goes by when you cannot enjoy the nightlife. This applies to all generations, any budget and any lifestyle or taste in music. Happy and tired after a night of partying in the hot spot of Belgrade, in the early morning you can enjoy delicacies, such as pljeskavica or burek, which you can buy from the local grill stand or bakery around the corner. And your soft and snug bed in the [Asset Included(Id:1295307113251;Type:Page)] will guarantee you have sweet dreams and a heavenly rest. Mmm, this is what a vacation should feel like!

Živeli! – Cheers!
A firm handshake, three obligatory kisses on the cheek and that is your welcome. In Serbia, it is not long before you are won over by how friendly this country is. Experience unrivaled Serbian hospitality. Are you the guest of a Serbian family? Then it is most likely that you will not be paying. The custom here is for the host to pay for dinner and drinks. Hearty and generous. A firm hug and home-made schnapps. Enjoy Serbia's substantial and hearty food: tasty, warm pogaca (home-made bread), that you dip in salt. An aromatic starter called meze with cheese, cream and pršut, a delicately smoked ham. You can enjoy this with slatko, a home-made jam made from local fruit, or a spoonful of honey with a chilled glass of spring water. By the way, lunch is the main meal of the day in Serbia - regional, traditional and simply delicious.

Off on an Adventure Vacation!
If you are a nature lover and fan of the outdoors, you will find your vacation paradise in Serbia. Set off from Belgrade on the active vacation of your life. Endless green marshlands, lakes, rivers, dense forests and bold mountains are home to a multitude of plants and animals, which have often disappeared from other parts of Europe or have even become extinct. Let's go! Launch into an adventure vacation in the great outdoors. Can you feel the butterflies in your stomach as you go paragliding, caving or free-climbing? Challenge yourself with orienteering or rafting. Ride across the endless expanse of the Vojvodina plains, cycle through the lush green rolling countryside of the Šumadija region or explore the magnificent river landscapes on a timber raft tour. Do you want to get your heart pumping on a mountain bike? Then set off on the steep trails of Tara mountain. Take a boat trip, go rowing or sail towards the sun. Lose yourself in the beauty of the hiking trails, which will thrill you with their wealth of healing herbs, fungi and forest fruits. Discover caves, springs and waterfalls. The possibilities are endless. And, of course, in the winter months, the ski resort of Kopaonik is just waiting to be discovered either by snowboard, scooter or on skis.

Mmm, wonderfully relaxing
So much action and adventure is a joy, but it also makes you very tired. Treat yourself and your loved ones to a relaxing visit to the spa. After an eventful day trip, relax in the aromatic spa area of our [Asset Included(Id:1295307113251;Type:Page)] and make it the perfect end to your day. Also visit one of the numerous spas and health resorts that were already very popular in the times of the Roman emperors. Only 50 km from Belgrade lies the health spa, Selters Banja. Idyllically located in an extensive wooded area at the foot of Kosmaj Mountain, this is where you will find incredibly beautiful walks by Pavlovac Monastery and along the banks of Markovačko Jezero Lake, in addition to a wide variety of treatments. Also discover Vrnjačka Banja and Sokobanja. And if you want pure air and to recharge your batteries, there are spa resorts, such as Zlatibor, Zlatar and Divčibare, waiting to be discovered in the mountains of the south of the country. Softly nestling in the countryside, surrounded by nature reserves and natural landmarks. Oh yes, this is what relaxation feels like.

From Belgrade to Novi Sad
From your vacation home at the Radisson Blu Old Mill Hotel, Belgrade, you should definitely head off on a day trip to Novi Sad. It is only one hour from Belgrade by car. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of this cheerful, little Danube town with its 300,000 residents. Established in the 17th century on the right bank of the Danube, Novi Sad is known for its special mix of numerous cultures. For centuries, it has been known as a link between the European and Balkan cultures and the university with its 19 faculties holds a wide variety of lectures in minority languages. In Novi Sad, the values of knowledge, work, affection, peace, tolerance and modesty continue to apply as they did when the city was founded. And precisely these values are still reflected in the special hospitality, multilingual skills and openness found in this beautiful city.

Festivals, Monasteries and a Taste of Home
Novi Sad loves culture and its festivals. Join in the celebrations and laughter at the Sterijino pozorje Theater Festival, the International Jazz Festival and the Cinema City Film and Media Festival. Visit the bold Petrovaradin Fortress, one of the best-known fortifications in Europe. In summer, the EXIT Music Festival, the biggest music festival in southeastern Europe is held here against this unique historic backdrop. Stroll through one of the pretty parks and spend a few pleasant hours in the small cafés on Trg Slobode market square and Dunavska Street. If you are a wine lover, visit Fruška Gora with its famous vineyards. From there, you can walk up Serbia's "Holy Mount Athos." It is one of the three holy mountains in the Orthodox Christian world and this is where you can discover 17 monasteries dating from the 15th to the 18th century.
What? Already time to go home? A piece of Serbia and the hospitality of our Radisson Blu Old Mill Hotel, Belgrade will always remain in your heart, and that's a promise. And to make your departure as sweet as it can be, simply take a jar of local honey home with you. Or some delicious pršut ham. Doviđenja! Hope to see you again soon in Serbia.