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Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel And Business Centre, Moscow


Moscow's stately Kremlin complex comprises several palaces and cathedrals, and is a main tourist attraction in the Russian capital.

Visit the Kremlin and other world-famous attractions in the area with a stay at the Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel and Business Centre, Moscow. This Moscow hotel offers guests their choice of over 400 rooms and suites in an excellent location in the city centre.

History and features of the Kremlin
Perched above the Moskva River, the Kremlin has been an important place and symbol to Russia for hundreds of years. The Russian palace first began as a fortified structure to fend off enemies, adding churches and further defences over the centuries.
A branch of the Senate began to reside in a new building in the Kremlin complex in the 18th century, and Nicholas I ordered the Grand Kremlin Palace to be built there in the early 19th century. Under the Soviet government, many leaders had their personal residences at the Kremlin, including Lenin and Stalin.
Today, the buildings of the Kremlin date from many different points in Russian history, with the oldest structures, including the 5- to 15-metre walls, dating to the 15th century. The Kremlin still serves as the official residence of Russian heads of state, but also welcomes visitors regularly to its museums and exhibitions.
Visit the Kremlin from a well placed Moscow hotel
Guests of the Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel and Business Centre, Moscow will not have far to go to visit the best attractions in the city, including the Kremlin. Just a half-hour by public transit or 10 minutes by taxi, visitors to Moscow enjoy a big part of Russia's history right down the road from their hotel.