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Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel And Business Centre, Moscow

Russian White House

The Russian White House, though younger than many other attractions in Moscow, still has its fair share of history and importance in the nation. Additionally, the building's stately appearance brings tourist from the world over.

When visiting Moscow, choose the Radisson Hotel and Business Centre and stay close to major sights such as the Russian White House. This hotel in Moscow, Russia, has more than 400 rooms and suites to choose from, each tastefully decorated and outfitted with modern furnishings.

Moscow Government Building
The Russian White House, completed in 1981 after over 15 years' construction, was originally known as the House of Soviets. The White House first served as the home of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation, a division within the USSR, before its dissolution in 1993.
Before the collapse of the Soviet Union, however, the White House saw future President Boris Yeltsin calling for troops and police to turn against party leaders in the wake of a coup attempt. Later, Yeltsin caused another stir at the White House by calling for the election of a new Duma, or Russian parliament.
In contemporary times, the building continues to hold government functions and offices, including one for the prime minister of Russia.
Visit the Kremlin from a well placed Moscow hotel
Guests of the Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel and Business Centre, Moscow will stay just a 10-minute drive from the Russian White House, perfect for visiting. In addition, many other Moscow attractions are within easy travelling distance, including the Kremlin and Red Square.