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Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel And Business Centre, Moscow

World Trade Center, Moscow

People from all over the world visit the World Trade Centre, Moscow, for business each year. As a member of the World Trade Centers Association, the Moscow building hosts businesses as well as other services.

Join colleagues at the World Trade Center, Moscow by arranging accommodation at the Radisson Blu Slavyanskaya Hotel and Business Center. While there, delegates can enjoy a modern and comfortable room with all the amenities of home.

Features and facilities of the World Trade Center
The World Trade Center in Moscow is one of the city's largest centres of commerce and trade in the city. Comprising three office buildings, a convention centre and lodging facilities, the World Trade Center in Moscow attracts thousands of visitors each day. With so many businesses in the area, the World Trade Centre constantly hosts visitors from across the globe.
For visitors, the World Trade Center also has a common business centre area with facilities such as WiFi, reception services and several workplace areas. Russian government offices are also close by, as the Russian White House lies just a few minutes away from the World Trade Center.
Take care of business from your Moscow hotel
In addition to offering hotel rooms and suites, the Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel also functions as a comprehensive Moscow business centre. The hotel features 14 meetings and events rooms, with a conference hall that seats up to 500 people. Events and meetings are also catered for by in-house staff.