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Discover the best of everything Slovenia has to offer

Warm sunshine on a turquoise sea. Ice blue snow crystals on wild mountain peaks and a thick canopy of leaves in brilliant green. Welcome to Slovenia! A small country in the heart of Europe where endless natural treasures await you. Experience the incredible diversity of nature in the smallest area: the golden sparkle of the Adriatic and the raw beauty of the Alps. Mysterious karst landscape and the expanse of the lowlands. And the country also has a wealth of culture, literature and music that the people have happily supplied for centuries. Immerse yourself in the Slovenian lifestyle and their love of nature. Discover the countless nature parks with endless opportunities for outdoor sports. Relax in wonderfully warm thermal baths and listen to stories about the bears that live here. Climb mountains, up to forts and castles and enjoy some delicious wine along the way. You will find a wonderful soft bed at the Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, Ljubljana, your vacation home in the Slovenian capital.

Welcome to Slovenia
Spring, summer, fall or winter? Which is your favorite season for a vacation? Slovenia is great in all seasons. Enjoy a carefree summer vacation by the sea. Hike through wildly romantic river valleys in the fall when forests light up in a rapture of color or enjoy a magical landscape of snow and ice. Whether you want a big annual vacation or a short break from everyday life. An active vacation in the mountains or a day by the sea. Winter sport or cultural delights, Slovenia will thrill you with its endless countryside, blissful spas and its genuine wealth of culture.

A mix of practicality and emotion
You can look forward to a warm welcome. The Slovenians are very friendly and open people. They love sports, enjoy the outdoors and nurture their great love of culture. Join in! The country's magnificent location at the heart of Europe with access to the Mediterranean and the Alps offers you the most beautiful of excursions. With 2 million inhabitants and at a size of around 20,000 square kilometers, Slovenia is easy to explore. Distances are short and you can get everywhere quickly. Moreover, since 2004, Slovenia has been a member of the EU, so you can conveniently pay in euros there. Right at the heart of the country is the capital city, Ljubljana. It not only offers you a fantastic view of the banks of the river Ljubljanica, after which it was named, it also provides the perfect base for exploring the country on day trips. And if you have an urge to go country-hopping, Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia are right next to it.

Nature as far as the eye can see
Swim in the warm waters of the Adriatic with a view of snowy mountain peaks and lose yourself in the beauty of nature. The changing landscapes will keep taking your breath away. This is the one place in Europe where the Alps, Mediterranean, the lowlands and caves of the karst landscape come together. Experience all four seasons and three different climatic zones: Sub-Mediterranean climate on the Adriatic, continental climate on the plains and a harsh Alpine climate in the mountains. From high summer temperatures to below freezing, Slovenia has it all. Slovenia's heart is green, green and more green: 60% of the country is covered by forest. The depths of its forests contain an incredible diversity of plant and animal species as well as the largest bear population in Europe. So it is no surprise that one third of the country is a nature conservation area. There is one national park, 3 regional parks and more than 45 countryside parks. Mystical cave labyrinths, waterfalls and thermal springs. You are spoiled for choice. And your vacation home is the [Asset Included(Id:401295345161632;Type:Page)]. What will you discover first?

A Trip through History
Thanks to their love of their country, their culture and their shared language and thanks to their endurance and determination, the Slovenians have created something very special: As a small nation without their own kings or famous generals, they have managed to come through the wars of the last few centuries and gain their independence. In the 6th century, the Slavs, the forefathers of the Slovenians, settled in what is now Slovenia. A century later, they founded the oldest known Slavic state, the principality of Carantania. After its collapse, Slovenia's territories were controlled by foreign rulers for centuries - by the Habsburgs and later by the Austro-Hungarian monarchs. After the First World War, Slovenia became part of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, after the Second World War, it became part of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. However, the Slovenians never lost their own identity or gave up on their shared wish for independence. After the referendum in 1990, the way was finally free: 90% of Slovenians voted to form their own state and to gain independence. Because of its strong links with Europe, Slovenia decided to join the European Union in 2004 and to become a member of NATO.

Culture of Love
Literature, theater, music, art and architecture. Slovenia lives and breathes culture. Classical and avant-garde. Follow in the footsteps of the greatest Slovenian poet, France Prešeren, and drift away to the musical sounds of the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra in Ljubljana. Experience the beauty of the opera and ballet against a historical backdrop. With more than 10,000 cultural events, you can literally lose yourself in Slovenia's fine arts. But why is there such an extraordinary love for culture in Slovenia? Through their language, traditions and culture, the Slovenians compensated for the lack of their own state, proudly kept their identity and preserved it for centuries. So go and visit it! Enjoy a show in the Križanke Outdoor Theater and a music festival under a starry sky. Dance the night away and try the culinary delights in the city's restaurants and bars. And when the light of the rising sun bathes the river promenade of Ljubljana in a soft light, you will be able to have sweet dreams and a wonderful place to recover in our [Asset Included(Id:401295345161632;Type:Page)].

Stones, Walls and Treasures
Proud and lofty looking out over the lake, carved into the deep recesses of a cliff, in an enchanting position in the greenish-blue course of the Ljubljanica. Can you feel how your heart beats faster? Slovenia spoils you with a multitude of unique fortresses and castles. And incredibly beautiful views. With some luck, you may experience atmospheric knights' games at Bled Castle or encounter the ghosts of past times in Predjama Castle, which is built into the mouth of a cavern. And now get in the car and off to the sea: the Adriatic is calling. In the Mediterranean atmosphere, magnificent palaces and mansions are waiting for your visit. Stop off at Praetorian Palace in Koper and stroll through one of the medieval towns along your route. Lovingly restored, all of these architectural treasures demonstrate Slovenia's love of its heritage and history. Are you a fan of modern architecture? If so, Jože Plečnik is your man.

Shopping, Cafés and Restaurants
Do you want to go shopping? Then you should head for the old town with its colorful, striped awnings, cheerful market stands and small shops with typical Slovenian products. Fine salt from Piranske soline, tableware from Porcelain Catbriyur or the delicious honey from the Carniolan bees are wonderful souvenirs to take home with you. And for a total shopping paradise, you can go to BTC City Ljubljana, one of Europe's largest shopping centers. Heads up, men, check it out! Is your tummy rumbling? Look for "Ljubljana Quality,“ an award given by local specialists to the city's best restaurants. Work your way through the 170 delicacies of Slovenian cuisine, such as Jota (sauerkraut, potato and bean casserole), Idrija-Žlikrofi (filled pastry pockets) and Potitza (bread with a filling). Welcome to Domača kuhinja, local Slovenian cuisine.

A Green Heart
Slovenia loves its countryside and, with over 50 nature parks, has taken all necessary steps to protect these special landscapes. Whether you want to see the Adriatic, the Alps, the karst scenery or the lowlands - you can select from a wide range of excursions and places to visit. Did you know that Slovenia's virgin forest is only 60 km from Ljubljana? In the country's endless forests, you can discover Slovenia's wide variety of plants on specially designed nature discovery trails. These forests are home to lots of endangered species, such as wolves, lynxes, wild cats, capercaillies and pheasants. What about the bears? Don't worry, the likelihood of meeting a bear when you are out in the wilds is extremely low. They prefer to avoid people.

Time for action?
Off you go! Start your outdoor adventure vacation from your home from home at the [Asset Included(Id:401295345161632;Type:Page)]. From the hotel, you can reach the most beautiful places in the country in no time at all. Fly through the fresh snow on your snowboard or down the wooded mountain slopes on a dog sled. Hike through unspoilt snowy landscapes and enjoy the crystal clear mountain air of the Alps. Do you love water? Then choose your perfect spot from 27,000 km of river courses. Feel the surge of adrenalin when wild water rafting or enjoy the peaceful natural surroundings on a romantic boat trip. Anyone wanting to take to the skies can try paragliding or parachute jumping to get a bird's-eye view of the world. Free climb up rough rock faces or feel the sense of absolute freedom on horseback, galloping across the unending green landscape. Plunge into the world of caves, go mountain biking or kayaking through the maze of deserted mine workings. Hike through the murky darkness of caves, with only your head lamp to light the way.

More than a Spa
After so much exercise, it does you good to have a warm, pampering bath. You can take a relaxing day trip from Ljubljana to many of the Slovenian spa resorts and thermal baths. Enjoy the centuries-old bathing traditions and relax. Enjoy the magnificent thermal water springs with temperatures from 32–73 °C and spend a relaxing spa day in Zreče, Dobrna or Topolšica. Relax in the sauna or treat yourself to a massage. And anyone who is still seeking a thrill can take a trip to one of the associated water parks. The spas of Čatež, Olimia and Ptuj offer all-round water action and slides with a speed of up to 80 km/h. Take care, it is not for the faint-hearted!

A Paradise of Sea and Lakes
And finally it is time to pack your picnic basket and set off for the sea. Enjoy a day filled with the Mediterranean zest for life. Drive past magnificent palaces and vineyards. Stop off at the oldest grapevine in the world: at 400 years old, it has its very own story to tell. Go up to Strunjan cliff and visit the Sečovlje Saltworks. While away the hours in Piran. This little town will enchant you with its charm of centuries gone by. As for enchanting, if you want to lose your heart take a trip to Bled. This enchanting town lies on the banks of an Alpine lake on the lee side of the mountains. Ring the wishing bell in the island's church and hope your wishes come true. Time passes as if in a dream - filled with experiences, happy times and great encounters. In Slovenia, they say "Nasvidenje!" Have a great vacation in this wonderful country with its endless opportunities. And "Hope to see you soon!" in our Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, Ljubljana.