Newly renovated hotel

Responsible Business - Let's take responsibility!

At Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group, taking responsibility for the environment and local community is very important. All our hotels participate in the Responsible Business Program. Each hotel has a unique Responsible Business activity plan, which includes the following areas: communication, environment preservation, employee well-being, health and safety.

Responsible Business activities, projects in 2014:

  • In May, we joined up with other Rezidor hotels and the State Forest Management Centre to plant trees.
  • After renovation of the hotel, leftover furniture have been donated to different organizations.
  • On the reception desk, we have a collection box for donations for the SOS Children’s Villages.
  • In Sep, we organised a coffee campaign in cooperation with Paulig to raise money for buying school supplies for the children living at SOS Children’s Villages. We are glad to give the organisation a check for 1513 EUR.
  • In Jun, with the help of the Serve the City organisation, we donated aid packages to large families, which included toiletries (shampoo, shower gel, body milk, soap and conditioner) contributed by us and a Toidupank food package. In addition, we took several boxes of toiletries to the North Tallinn Social Centre and donated the rest to the Butterfly Project.
  • In Sep, we called our employees to organise their wardrobes at home to donate clothes to the Butterfly Project and North Tallinn Social Centre.
  • On 14 Sep 2014, we participated in the SEB Tallinn Marathon. Tallink travel vouchers received as a gift by our marathon runners were donated to charity.
  • On 28 Sep 2014, the Management Teams of the Rezidor hotels in Tallinn volunteered at the Supiköök soup kitchen to serve homeless people soup, pastries and warm drinks.
Cooperation with the Avinurme Secondary School since 2002
Our warm-hearted cooperation began in 2002, when we helped to purchase better lighting for the classrooms of the school. Since then, we have provided free accommodation and conference rooms for the annual teachers’ training; we have hosted students at the hotel and offered them practical training possibilities. In return, we have always felt welcome at different school events in Avinurme.

Since 2008, we participate in the annual Earth Hour Every year.
In March, people across the World switch off their lights for an hour to stand up against global warming. Earth Hour began in 2007, at Sidney Australia, when all lights were switched off at 2.2 million homes and companies. A year later, 50 million people from 35 countries participated in the event. The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Coliseum in Rome and the Coca-Cola advertisement board on Time’s Square are a few examples of sites that fell into darkness. We care about the environment and switch the lights off for an hour every year.

Since 2010, we have the Green Key Certificate
Our environmental objective is to:
  • Reduce the negative impact of our activities to the surrounding environment by involving also the employees and customers of the company to reach maximum results.
  • Do our best to continue consuming energy and water in an economic way, use chemicals to a reasonable extent and be careful in generating waste.
  • Monitor and analyze the impact of our activities to the environment.
  • Continue training our employees and helping them make conscious environmentally friendly, ethical and social decisions both at work and in their personal lives.
  • Inform our customers and make it easy for them to participate in the environmentally friendly activities of the hotel.