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Kabwata Cultural Village

To experience traditional Zambian culture, visitors will find no better opportunities than at Kabwata Cultural Village. With thatch-roofed huts and a variety of artisans and craftsworkers, Kabwata Cultural Village offers an authentic taste of Zambia for all guests.

When planning a visit to this cultural touchstone, be sure to make reservations at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Lusaka. Near to Kabwata Cultural Village and other attractions in Lusaka like the Zambia National Museum, this hotel gives guests a variety of cultural activities on their holiday.

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Experience Zambian culture at Kabwata Village
Guests can visit Kabwata Cultural Village each day from 8am to 6pm to get a view of traditional village activities in the region. The village is a favorite stop on any cultural tour of Lusaka and Zambia.

Each day, several dozen artists and craftspeople, including basket weavers and woodcarvers, set to work on various pieces. These artisans traditionally come from all across Zambia's nine provinces to participate and represent the rich cultural traditions of the country.

Visitors can browse the wares on display at Kabwata Cultural Village while watching the workers ply their trades. The arts and crafts include printed and dyed fabrics, carved walking sticks and spears, and traditional drums. Guests will also see artfully rendered wood sculptures of birds, animals and humans at Kabwata Village.

The village also includes a traditional restaurant on premises, so hungry travellers can take a break during their day at Kabwata.

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For those planning a cultural escape in Zambia, the Radisson Blu Hotel, Lusaka makes perfect sense. By choosing the hotel for lodging in Lusaka, guests will be able to see the best displays of Zambian culture, such as Kabwata Cultural Village, plus be just a short distance from the untamed wilds of the country.

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