Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Oslo

Vigeland Park

Amongst Oslo’s striking streets is one of Europe’s most unique, and fascinating attractions. The broad expanse of Vigeland Park is not only Oslo’s largest public open space it is an eye-catching homage to one of Norway’s finest artists, Gustav Vigeland.

With welcoming open spaces, and more than 200 granite and bronze sculptures, Vigeland Park is a favourite with both locals and visitors. Guests enjoying the hospitable, professional service available at the Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Oslo are in a perfect place to join the crowds enjoying the park. This exceptional hotel in the city of Oslo is just a short distance from the park.

A remarkable artistic legacy
Vigeland Park is an extraordinary, open-air homage to the art of one remarkable man. The Norwegian artist Gustav Vigeland lived from 1869 to 1943 and over that time he developed a distinctive style of sculpture, representing nature and humanity in his striking creations.

Many of the artist’s finest works can be found at Vigeland Park, including an impressive 14 metre tall carved granite column which dominates the park. The artist behind the works also designed the layout of Vigeland Park, creating a beautifully laid out area packed with engaging artworks.

Enjoy the year-round attraction
Norway is an outdoors country and in summer locals flock to Vigeland Park to enjoy picnics and barbeques under the warmth of the Scandinavian sun while visitors absorb the stunning sculptural sights. In winter while many prefer to enjoy a more active experience of the outdoors at locations like the Tryvann Ski Resort, Vigeland Park remains a favourite for brisk walks.

Vigeland Park is one of the many first-rate attractions within easy reach of the Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Oslo. Guests enjoying a stay in one of the hotel’s comfortable rooms will find visiting the park provides an unforgettable experience.